UPDATE – Covid-19: Documented, Proven Cures With Documented, Proven Suppression. Why Suppress Cures?

This video was killed by “them’ about 15 minutes after I posted it.  So I reposted it differently and here it is.  Worth my effort and worth your time.

The question is this: Why aren’t common people rioting in the streets over the proven lies regarding “Covid-19”?  Cures, simple and inexpensive, are documented and effective.  Doctors speaking out on these good solutions are silenced by the hidden hand.  Intense pressure is exerted world wide to silence the truth.  Why?

Watch this video.  It is lengthy but you will not be bored, nor your time wasted.  I will not allow anyone to force their chemistry into me or into my children.  In my home, we have zero concerns regarding Covid-19.  I consider the “vaccines” to be a far greater threat than Covid-19.  There is money to be made, and potentially, populations to be reduced.

You personally will be forced to make a decision on this matter, a decision that will have immediate impact on your life.  The hidden hand will demand that you take their forced injection in spite of obvious, simple cures being immediately available.  The vaccination for Covid-19 has no liability.  If you die, there is no recourse.  If your child becomes brain dead, there is no recourse.  The witches making these Covid-19 brews can and will force whatever they design into you and you can either accept their injection or suffer the consequences.

The consequences will force you out of society and onto the outer fringes of the world.  Be prepared to be an outcast.  Be prepared to be marginalized in ways you never imagined would happen to you.

But you will not be alone, not by a long shot.  When these governments start “flexing their muscle” the people wise enough to say “no” will also flex their own muscle.  Watch and see.  Participate and be ready to fight.  Did you think you were going to live forever?


If this video is gone, please comment below and I will replace it.  I have a hard copy.

Video produced by https://www.stopworldcontrol.com/en


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GM Linder
1 year ago

It Gone Jerry!

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