Coronavirus Causes Seizures. Mass Seizure Events And False Reporting By Communist Government.

Originally posted on February 1, 2020 @ 9:00 pm

The coronavirus is much more dangerous than is reported.  A video made by a phone and uploaded to TicTok from a gymnasium in Wuhan, China, proves that the Communist government is lying about “death by pneumonia”, because in this video, hundreds of sick Chinese are having violent seizures and dying on the floor while doctors are walking about watching them.

Note in the video that the doctors do not seem to be wearing masks.  Nor are the doctors stopping to render aid.

The man speaking in the first part of this video has a youtube channnel called “Serpentza”.  He lived in China for many years teaching Chinese doctors how to communicate accurately with western doctors.  He trains doctors and his wife is a Chinese doctor.  He is very reliable.

The second part of this video shows the gymnasium where hundreds of coronavirus victims are dying, with most of them having violent seizures and many of them dead.

As this disease spreads to more honest countries, the truth will be evident.  Pray that Yahuah spares you and your loved ones.

Note Feb 6th, 2020 – the Chinese doctor that was threatened by police in the video above died yesterday, 5 Feb, exactly four days after he was diagnosed with coronavirus.



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