Corona Virus Vaccine – What If You Don’t Take The Shot, You Can’t Have A Job

There are some startling “coincidences” regarding the release of the corona virus in China.  As I studied these coincidences and weighed them against the relatively weak nature of the virus compared to the mass hysteria world-wide over it, I realized that

maybe the human population is being stampeded into a bad choice.

And now “they” are discussing the possibility of demanding that we all huddle up in our homes and remain there for a while. Don’t let the players ruin you, Mr. Trump.

What if you were denied employment or not allowed to shop if you were not vaccinated against the virus? Well guess what…

Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Ran Coronavirus Outbreak Simulation Just 6 Weeks Before the Real Outbreak

Bombshell: Chinese Government ALSO Ran A Coronavirus Drill, In Wuhan — Exactly Where the Actual Outbreak Started

and yes, the Swine flu was much worse than corona virus, but no one noticed the swine flu. The corona virus might be more easily transmitted than other virii, but you just do not have much of an illness from it when you do catch it.


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