Corona Virus – A “Crowned” Virus to Usher In The World King.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you trusted the other person quite a bit, only to discover that your trusted friend was completely false to you?

That’s where we are regarding the so-called “corona virus”, or “covid-19”.  We are in a relationship with a governing system that is totally unfaithful to us.

The video below is proof leaving zero doubt that the “corona virus” scare was all a conjured-up magic show designed to break the world economic system.  There is an “end-game” in the works here, folks.  An agenda.  A cause, and a reason.  The ‘virus’ is the flaming match; the global economic system is the fuel.  ‘Corona’ is the name because a new king is about to be crowned.

Watch this video and see proof that Dr. Anthony Fauci personally published in the New England Journal of Medicine his findings that proved the ‘corona virus’ is no more dangerous than the common flu.

Link to article:

If the article is removed or edited, here is a downloaded (and unformatted raw) html copy of the original as of todays date: Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted _ NEJM

The key phrase in Dr. Faucis’ article above:

If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)

So it actually is influenza?

The key thought above is his correct assumption that asymptomatic/clinically unreported cases vastly outnumber reported cases.  My 5yr old son told me that he couldn’t breathe one afternoon, but he was breathing fine.  He told me again the next day, but he was still breathing fine.  A few days later, I could not “breathe” either, and I instantly knew what my son meant – I could not properly process the oxygen.  I was suffocating, ever so slightly.  That was my “corona virus” experience, and I think my whole family had it as symptoms bounced around the five of us.  No doctor, no clinic, no concern.  Less than a common cold.  My “can’t breathe” episode lasted no more than an hour or two, and I’m 62 years old.  I would not have noticed it if my 5 yr old had not commented on his own breathing.

I think I am finished with any more corona virus coverage, and am going to focus on the beast system, the mark and the tribulation.  We are in it, brothers and sisters.  If you are a new reader and don’t understand what the “tribulation is all about”, that’s Ok.  We will fill you in.

If you are a believer, try not to slide into depression over all this stuff.  The beast system is raising itself up.  Israel will be the center of that beast system.  The Jews will be at the center of Christian persecution.  Major main-stream evangelical pastors and teachers will be the driving salesmen for the hand-picked Jewish Messiah.

“Preachers” such as this sick freak, Kenneth Copeland, below, one of the richest men in America.  He reminds me of a serpent, speaking in the garden.

Kenneth Copeland Acting Crazy with Reporter! Awkward! - YouTube

Those who teach Torah or salvation through Yahusha will be hated.  Eventually I will be arrested and/or executed.  Satan specifically targets Torah observant followers of Yahusha (aka ‘Jesus’) .  My 14 yr old son no longer wants to pray with me or even pray alone.  He mocks the name of Yahuah, and perfectly reflects the truth that “a mans enemies will be the members of his own household.”

But perhaps he will repent.  If not, then hell awaits him.  In heaven, there are no tears of remorse for those we loved who are burning.  He is consumed by the fools on youtube and the gaming platforms, all teens and pre-teens with some pedophiles in the mix.  The war over his internet access is daily and never ends.  The division in our home is terrible.

My son Lukas was baptized when he was 12, and he was fully aware of Yahuah and who Yahuah is.  Yahusha will not lose a single one of those His Father has given Him.  I am still delighted in my rebellious son.  He has no idea how much I love him, but he knows he is safe with me.  I was much wilder than him when I was his age.  :)  He’s a little kitten who considers himself a roaring lion.

The video is from youtube, Steven Ben Nun, Israeli News Live.  You can move on from corona virus, and refer doubters to this page.  We knew this along, didn’t we?

A conjured up tool to psychologically hamstring the masses, create panic and break the financial system.  Its time for the false messiah to be named.

As for me – I will wake my 14 yr old son up from his awesome sleep in a few minutes, and we are headed up into the San Juan mountains of southern Colorado.  I’m not going to give satan my life, my heart, my hopes, my friends or my family.

That’s all for a week or so.  Time to check out of this awesome Best Western Hotel and get back into the mountains.  We were just too tired to continue driving last night, and this hotel thing was Luke’s idea.  I’m glad I listened to my awesome, rebellious and beautiful son.

You will find me somewhere around here this week…

Remember that Yahuah loves those who keep the commands of Yahusha.  Love Yahuah with all your heart, and love your neighbors just as much as you love yourself.  This sums up the Law and the prophets.

Do not let a day go to waste.  Make some persons life brighter every day.  Liberate yourself from oppression by loving others.

Yahuah is Lord.  Salvation is only possible through belief in Yahusha as Messiach.  He is coming.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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