Continue Forward With Your Life In Spite Of Immense Opposition

Originally posted on November 23, 2021 @ 7:44 am


The Truth is a special gift Yahuah offers to us.  The Natsarim live only to perfect the Truth.  We stand for Truth.  We study carefully to learn Truth.  We abide in the Truth.  Truth is what gives us our strength.  We are lions for Truth.  The Truth is Holy and will be defended at any cost.

If you want to transform your entire life, from east to west, become truthful in all you say and do.  Respect the power and authority of Truth.  Honor Truth by submitting to Truth.  When every sound that passes your lips is Truth, you change.  As you change, you observe that your life takes a new trajectory.  You become different.

So it is with me.  As Truth has become the center of my heart, so is my life changing.  It is so good to submit to Truth that I cannot describe it, but reality for the Truth speaker does change.

A door has opened for me.  It is a door from my past and I think I might take that path.  It is a returning to a beginning.

Years ago, maybe 12 years ago, I interviewed for a position with a company and as pert of that interview process I had to take a special test, a written test that evaluated “things” about my thought processes, leadership capability, understanding of logic, etc.  A wide variety of examination.

When I met with the director of that region to review my results, he informed me that I was in the top 1 percent of sales managers nationally.  We discussed a few things and I took the opportunity.  Regretfully my relationship with them was short, as problems in my marriage required me to constantly attempt to also deal with issues at home.

The subsequent years have been quite difficult and today I am free of that encumbrance, one in which I was wrongfully manipulated through deceit;  a marriage built on a lie.

The company that I left has been on my mind a long time, over a year.  I told my oldest son about it quite a while back and about five weeks ago I used LinkedIn to reach out to some managers in that company to get some information.  Not one of them responded to my message.  Zero.

Not one to be deterred, I sent a personal message to the Chairman of the company, explaining to him my interest, background, and that no one seemed interested in responding to me.

I let that message wind its way through the corporate loop, sure in the knowledge that someone would find it and present it to the Chairman, and that the Chairman, being an intelligent director, would be interested.

Imagine my smile when this last week a recruiter from that company suddenly dialed me up with keen interest in having a conversation.  I called her back and we chatted.  She wanted my resume.  My resume is on a computer that has been in my closet for four years and for some reason will not connect with my wireless keyboard and mouse.

But no problem.  The Chairman somehow obtained a copy of my resume and forwarded it himself to a regional VP/Director operating out of Houston, who called me and left a voice mail.  I called him back and explained my interest and my short history with the company several years ago.

Wouldn’t you know it – the man I was talking to was the same man who interviewed me 12 years ago.  He was the same man who give me the test to take, and he was the same man who told me I ranked in the top 1 percent nationally.

It was like coming home at a time when I yearn for home.

Pray for me, please.  Significant changes are taking place in my life, and although I do look forward to much of what I see, change brings its own stresses.  Add the stresses that my oldest son has wrought and we have a heavy load.

I know, “give it to the Lord” and yes, that is correct. I would love to share the details of everything here with you, because then you would see the entire picture.  It is as if I am being intelligently attacked from every meaningful direction.  What the military calls a “multi-front war”.  And it is just like that.

Perhaps in my mind I make it worse than it is, but based on the history of certain individuals in my life, I think I see things clearly.

I’ve been in situations like this before, though.  Really tough situations that I did give to Yahuah and then I just carried on with the rest of my life as He did create good from bad.  This time that I am in now is very difficult emotionally, as human relationships are at the core.  Important relationships – the most important human relationships I have, or had.  Hard to know what I have and do not have these days.

Several of you have asked about the vision I had after praying to Yahuah for a wife.  Well, it was beautiful and happy for a few hours on one day last week, and then it was exposed to the ravages of fear.  Sometimes we have to face our greatest emotional enemies, especially when there is great emotional risk.  That is a difficult art to master, and it generally comes with age.

I am patient, and have much to do.  Yahuah is no stupe.  He presented that vision for His purpose and I am content with that.  Imagine a person you do not know walking up to you and saying “I had a vision during a prayer and it was you…”.  How brave would you be in responding positively to that unknown persons alleged ‘vision’?

I would find it very difficult to believe if someone said that to me.  I might be curious, but I would also be skeptical.  So patience is required because I want to see what Yahuah does.  In the interim, to prepare for someone eventually, I need a new home, and a new career.  The interview is today.

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2 years ago

Hi Jerry,
I’m reading this page a little behind the correct time, as I’m just catching up on some things. All the very best, my friend may Yahuah take care of you in your hour of need.

Kind Regards
Brendon N

2 years ago

Whoop whoop Jerry!. Let every good thing come into your life. I caught my defending what you mean about the law to a guy at work. My partner at my door in the warehouse. He is 10 yrs older than me. Part time preacher. Good guy. I told him about the way your words impacted me in regard to the law. It was a bit like, “Yahuah isn’t gonna say, oh dont worry about those laws.” The typing it doesnt really capture what you meant or what I felt when you spoke the words to me. But do you remember? I was in TXK still at the time, we were on the phone. The guy at work said, yeah but you are gonna be limiting yourself in so much that doesnt seem to be weighty now. I told him that was exactly your point. It is obedience. I think about what you write and say, Jerry. Good luck my friend in your interview.

2 years ago

Praying that Yahweh’s favor go before you Jerry. Wow. I am excited for you…may our Father open doors that no man can shut, and close doors from your past that no man can reopen.
I pray that Yahweh give your eldest son a deep desire and hunger for Truth, and a fresh deep respect for you, his father.
New beginnings are on the horizon. HallaluYah.
Stay strong and much shalom 🕎🕎🕎

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
2 years ago


Welcome To The War
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