CNN Actively Promotes Silencing Conservatives – A Revealing And Very Threatening Position

CNN is now promoting efforts to silence Conservative speech in every medium.  This is more than “serious”.  This is an act of war against America and Americans.  This is Communist authoritarian pressure.  Conservatives are being equated with ISIS by Americans on CNN.  The Left is working to break the ability of Conservatives to voice conservative values. 

This is not going to get better until it gets much worse.  I hate to say it, and I hate to think it, but America is in desperate trouble.  We have watched this develop for decades and now the final push is on.  Some kind of threshold has been crossed and the communists, who have been a problem in America for decades, are working with other communist governments to drown America.

It is very serious.  I am telling you that this is deadly.  There is no gunfire on your street yet.  There are no dead bodies lined up on the news yet.  But there will be.  America is not who she used to be.  If Biden takes office, and I do not believe he will, he will obey his Chinese owners and try to ban gun ownership.  That will result in serious bloodshed, as every gun owner knows that Biden DID NOT win the election.

If Trump retains his office, and he definitely should, must even, the communists will go berserk and there will be bodies laying in the street.  So either way  Trump in or Trump out – the fighting will begin.  No matter what.  Do you see that?

So as Dana Coverstone said repeatedly in his dream sequences – brace yourself.  This will be ugly and will take months to sort out, all while hoping that China and Russia and Iran and N. Korea do not go to war against us while we are fighting for our national lives against the American communists.  Coverstone did see Chinese and Russian troops (or people in those uniforms) on American streets in one of his dreams.

I am warning you – the American communists have prepositioned weapons and equipment all over America.  This is not a drill.  As I told my spouse yesterday – “This is real.  This is happening.”

He saw Trump shot at three separate times.  He saw Biden and Harris scattering dynamite about, which I interpret to mean they did not take office and were causing as much trouble as possible.

I think it is going to be madness, honestly.  I do think that madness will rule the day.  My own vision was one of destruction and of permanent separation of the righteous from the unrighteous.  Separation caused by the sword of Yahuah swinging against America, and maybe the world.




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