Chris Yoon, A Key Influencer And Christian Teacher Says He Had A Dream And God Spoke – Trump Remains In Office

It’s getting close, and I still believe Trump will remain as President. It certainly looks like Trump is leaving DC, as I just read of his family’s packing and that he is moving to Florida. But we have been fooled by Trump before, and he might be fooling us now, because

another person, a highly influential Christian teacher has just said that he believes Trump will remain in office, and that “God” detailed to him some particulars.

Chris Yoon can be seen more at youtube:

We shall see, shall we not?

If Trump remains, and I do believe he will, expect wild and wide-spread destruction by the beasts who hate him.  Expect the left to be surprisingly potent in their destruction, as they are backed up by the most powerful and hateful people on earth.  There will be bloodshed, and you need to become very serious and focused regarding home defense, transportation defense, communication, medicine and a local network of friends.

Expect the Internet to be down, often.

Get secure phone messaging.  Use Signal or Telegram.  I think Signal might be the better choice, but if you disagree please comment below and explain why.

Signal does offer end-to-end encryption to other Signal users, as well as encrypted phone calls.  Very important.  Massive demand for Signal, too.  Ed Snowden, whom Mr. Trump absolutely must pardon, uses and recommends Signal.

Encrypted email is important, too. is end-to-end encryption and you will need it.



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8 thoughts on “Chris Yoon, A Key Influencer And Christian Teacher Says He Had A Dream And God Spoke – Trump Remains In Office”

  1. Chris, 3positive things have happened and you are not the only prophet that is prophesying Trump is coming back.1. )Supreme Court John Roberts is not willing to preside over the impeachment case. 2.) McCarthy is now saying the capital was everyone. 3. ) Trump saved some of the police & allowed them to stay in his hotel. 4) Some say the Pentsgon hasn’t given Biden a complete green light- not sure what this means.

    1. Ginger, nice comment. Thank you for taking a minute to post it. It is fitting that Justice Roberts declines to preside over the politically motivated impeachment of Trump, who is no longer in office and is not the or “a” president. Impeachments are for sitting presidents, to remove them from office. Trump is already out. Your 4th point regarding the Pentagon is also important. The Pentagon stopped giving the Biden Transition team briefings right before Thanksgiving, citing the holidays as the reason. But there have been no briefings since than, and last week the Biden Transition team wanted some specific briefings and the Pentagon refused. By law, the Pentagon is required to give these briefings, so when the Pentagon flatly refuses to give Biden sensitive defense information, we can conclude that there is a rotten apple in the barrel. They obviously have unreleased information on Biden that prohibits them from giving Biden the data. If Biden cannot be trusted with the nations defense, he cannot preside over the government. I think Trump will be back in office by March. Six weeks, give or take and maybe sooner. Something is about to pop.

  2. He is so so deceived. That’s what they all do isn’t it. First they say trump will win re-election and they don’t add the ‘buts’ in it. But when he did not all the ‘buts’ came in …. What’s even worse are they who believe in their messages.
    Chris Yoon better get down from your pedestal before God literally kicks your ‘buts’!!

    1. How do I get in touch with him personally ? I want to give him a prophesy about what’s gonna happen in his life now.

      1. I do what you mean. I do not know Chris, and when I watch his initial video that was his primary “Trump will remain” prophecy, I was skeptical. It did not feel right in my spirit. I felt like he was duplicating another secular political figure who said the same things Chris was saying about one week before Chris produced his video. U posted it because it was in line with what I had been told by someone who should know, and I do still think Trump will remain President. We will know in a few weeks.

    2. Chris Yoon is like all the other false self proclaimed prophets. They are all very vague in what they say, never having any real facts or truth. They all back up their rhetoric with “God showed me” and never say exactly what God showed them, and “I have never been wrong”. Then when things don’t go as planned they have a backup system to save their butts. This Chris keeps bringing up military and keeps adding more days for things to happen. He wants to rile up people for his own agenda of saving face. Just another voice with no substance.

  3. What is with all your ugliness? all your hatred???

    All the while your orange messiah is preaching hate – fear mongering – and grifting for money.

    You are so deceived in your mind – but the real issue is why?? Why have you fallen prey to such evil deception??

    1. Do you have anything to actually say, or did you comment just to cast judgement and your opinion? Because that is all you did. I give you credit for using a valid email address (apparently), but Greg, you sound exactly like millions of other young people who have only judgement to offer.

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