Chinese Government Secretly Burning Thousands of Dead Coronavirus Victims? You Decide.

I publish data that is pertinent and probably more accurate than other researchers because I find good sources and carefully ferret out the facts that correspond with other knowledge I have.  It takes time and cannot be rushed, and unfortunately, I have some information that is painful to contemplate.

Careful not to get carried away or hysterical or overly theoretical, and for sure we do not need or even appreciate more doom and gloom.  Nonetheless, this Chinese Corona Virus/nCoV-2019/COVID-19 is a tribulation-scale event.  Its bad enough that I am not even going to discuss it with my family.  All I’m going to do is buy a 3Lb can of NOW-brand Ascorbic Acid, and I’m going to do that before I type another letter.

Bought it.

The explosive escalation of coronavirus infection in China comes, in big part, from the relatively common use of “squat latrines“.  A squat latrine is a hole in the ground that men,women and children squat over to empty bowels and bladders.  This facilitates the spread of the disease because the coronavirus exists in huge numbers in feces, perhaps also in urine.  That said, yes, even flatulence will release plumes of coronavirus.

The Chinese people by and large are not particularly concerned with hygiene.  Hand-washing after using the toilet or the squat latrine rarely includes soap, or hot water, or even water.  This goes a long way to explain how so many deaths are in families locked away in their homes.  The air is literally infested with coronavirus, and everything the people touch is, too.

A virus-laden aerosol plume emanating from a SARS patient with diarrhea was implicated in possibly hundreds of cases at Hong Kong’s Amoy Gardens housing complex in 2003. That led the city’s researchers to understand the importance of the virus’s spread through the gastrointestinal tract, and to recognize both the limitation of face masks and importance of cleanliness and hygiene, according to Joh
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They are in effect awash in virii.  Its everywhere, and rises in a constant stream from those nasty open toilets.

Hygiene is required to live a healthy life.  Washing hands and bodies with soap reduced the incidence of disease in America to very low levels 200 years ago.  Wash your hands frequently, and keep your hands off your face.  Your eyes, nose, mouth and maybe even ears can transmit virus into your body.

Death Rate In China – Here are Some Staggering Numbers

There is no sure way to know precisely how many people in Wuhan are dying every day from coronavirus.  But there is a very good way to estimate how many are dying from coronavirus based on cremations.

You see, there are seven crematoriums in Wuhan.  On a normal big-city day, these seven crematoriums will burn, on average, ~28 bodies each.  28 bodies x 7 crematoriums= 196 bodies burned city wide every day, regular as clockwork.

But now these same seven crematoriums are burining approximately 127 bodies per day, and running seven days per week, 24 hours per day.  If you subtract 27 bodies from the current total (because 27 is about our average on a normal day) you have 100 bodies per day times seven days or 700 bodies who are not part of the “normal” rate of death.

That’s ~700 dead per week minimum from coronavirus in Wuhan.  700 per week x 4 weeks is 2,800 DEAD in Wuhan alone in four weeks, and that number will increase as the coronavirus infects more and more people.  One city.  Seven crematoriums.

What will Wuhan do if the dead cannot be burned fast enough?  Bodies are stacking up and not even picked up by the government for disposal, there are so many.

“Three corpses have been lying here all morning.”

One of the soon-to-die is the medical director of a Wuhan hospital.  He will be the second DIRECTOR to die this month.  Medical people are apparently no better equipped to defend against coronavirus than the common man on the street, and are dying in similar numbers.

When The Dead Accumulate Too Fast – Add More Crematoriums

Each one can incinerate 1200 bodies per 24hrs.
Each one can incinerate 1200 bodies per 24hrs.

The giant incinerators, each the size of a semi-trailer shipping container are normally used for the mass disposal of animal carcasses. Officially, officials both in Beijing and Wuhan claim they are only to get rid of medical waste. An amorphous piece of terminology that could apply equally to contaminated gloves, masks, scrubs, hospital bedding and soiled linens, or to massive numbers of bodies of the victims of the growing coronavirus scourge.

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