China Locks Down Over 25,000,000 People in Shanghai. Why??


China locked down the city of Shanghai over “Covid”.  Shanghai is a city with over 25,000,000 citizens, and China demands that they ALL remain locked in their homes with the windows closed.  Twenty five million people forced to isolate themselves.  Children are tested and if the child is “infected”, the government takes the child away to an unknown location.

I continually hear of “positive test results” but never hear of anyone dying.  Everyone is sick of the covid fiasco, but when 25,000,000 people are forced to isolate themselves, I scratch my head.  Why?  What does the Chinese government hope to gain from this lockdown?  The only thing lockdowns accomplish is killing the economy.


I wonder if China is dealing with a different “virus”?



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1 month ago

Operation lockstep. Just like the last time, China will lead the world back into lockdown. Fauxchi is already rearing his ugly head again. Brace yourself people.

1 month ago

So hard to know what is real and what is ‘staged’ to promote fear.
It could be a step towards the next ‘planned bio weapon’?
China doesnt usually let the world know what is happening unless there is an ulterior motive.
It could be for real? It could be propaganda ?
If its from msm/social media, I tend to question the narrative….🤔

Anyway, regardless of what it is, Yahwah has the final say, and is maybe using ‘them’ to pour out His judgement?

Stay strong and much shalom 🕎

1 month ago
Reply to  Jerry

Money is no object to them, it is a tool to achieve their goal. People mean nothing….they are pawns to be used and disposed of.

And the way that I now view those so called elected and appointed leaders…
They are the leaders of those who are stll slaves under ha satans realm, they are not the leaders of the redeemed, of those in covenant with the Most High…we have been translated into the realm and dominion of our Redeemer…HE is our only leader…..HallaluYAH.

Ugh….those masks! Most here are still in fear and wear them. I dont wear one, and when a shop assistant tries to communicate, I ask her to lower her mask so that i can understand what she is trying to say..ugh!

I have to constantly remind myself ” if it wasnt for the mercy and grace of Yah, there go I ‘


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