A Prophecy – Henry Gruver – December 1986: A Surprise Russian Nuclear Submarine Missile Attack Immediately After America/China War Begins

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A voice said to me, “Watch where the Russians penetrate America.”

I saw these words being written: Alaska; Minnesota; Florida.

Then, the man spoke again, “When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.”

The other two presidents spoke, “We, too, will fight for you.” Each had a place already planned as a point of attack.

China has positioned electronic hardware into American cell towers which can disrupt US military communications, potentially shutting down US military communication and control channels in the event of war.  This was prophesized by Henry Gruver decades ago, about forty years back.  He had a vision of radio waves emitting from towers, then those radio waves disintegrated and fell to the ground, then the surprise nuclear sub attack from Russia.

The Huawei cell tower equipment was ordered removed by President Trump, but as of today, 25 July 2022, the Communist cell tower equipment remains in place.  The prophecy regarding the “radio waves” is below.  If the war comes due in part to the positioning of this equipment, and if the equipment is about to be removed, and if Russia has its nuclear submarines positioning around the east and west coasts of the USA, then we are in imminent danger.

A Prophecy – Henry Gruver – December 1986 Vision Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales

“I saw a massive military movement coming out of an area up by the Arctic. And I couldn’t figure out what this was, what was going on. WHY a military, Navy, and Air Force WHY it would be going out between the United States and Europe up above Finland going out through the Icelandic Gap and heading down between the United States and Europe

And making a curl all the way around the Horn of Africa towards the Persian Gulf.  Now that’s significant.  But all of a sudden I was alarmed because of that, you would have been too.

I looked over towards the United States and I saw something I have never seen in my life, I have never even preconceived the thought of it.

I had always thought that the United States was WISER and MORE POWERFUL than to allow Russian subs to be parked right almost on our beaches per say. What I mean by that is you could see the submarines down under the water but there were areas that the sand still had drifted on down from the beaches into the depths. And the submarine was sitting there aimed at America.

I saw them sprinkled all the way across the East coast. When I saw that, my family at that time lived in Portland, Oregon.  I was alarmed of course and I wanted to look over towards Portland to see what was going on.  And as I looked across the continent of the United States of this globe I saw the submarines from way up by Washington the top of Washington all the way down around towards San Diego poised in the same way all the way along our coast on the North from the Pacific side.

Then something else caught my Attention.

I began to see Radio Towers going up all across the Nation and these Radio towers as they went up (dut dut-dut dut) the dotted lines begin going out as though they were transmitting and then an alarm went off in me.

‘They’re sounding the alarm. We’re going to be under attack. The siege has been waged.’

When all of a sudden I was watching these Radio Dots going out like the transmitting of a warning and instead of the people being warned they sprinkled to the ground like dust.

And an alarm went off in me and I cried out in the Heavens and I said “Oh God THEY WON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HIT THEM !!!”

And at that time all of a sudden I looked down on the eastern seaboard at the submarine was drawn to that one right off from New York City and I saw the missile come right out of that submarine and go right up and come right over the City of New York and the entire City disappears.  Then I looked down, on down towards Florida, down there I could see another explosion take place.

USA is almost frantically searching for Russian submarines in Chesapeake Bay. This is almost daily.

Chesapeake Bay leads directly to Washington…

I looked across because of my family being in the Pacific Northwest. I looked across another explosion took place up by Seattle/Bellevue. And then another one down by San Francisco, and another one down towards Los Angeles, and another down towards San Diego.

There I stood in shock as I watching these explosions take place and these cities literally disappearing from off the face of the earth.

The next instant I was standing back down on the Eagle Tower and I found myself looking down in the Village there was no alarm going off, the cars were going the normal speed, people were walking

I looked out over the Bay where there were some British ships; warships. And I watched them and studied them for a few seconds, there was no alarm there.

January 1990 Vision St Johns, Portland, Oregon
“I saw missiles coming out of the waters of the Pacific Ocean, airplanes coming in towards certain cities along the Northwest. When it looked like they would do their devastation, I heard a voice speak from heaven, like thunder. It said, “Watch what I will do!”


The mountains along the coastal range began to shake and tremble and puffs of smoke shot out of them in all directions, into the paths of the missiles and the planes. The missiles just hit the ground, didn’t explode. The smoke had destroyed the missiles ability to navigate, to fly through the air, and they didn’t hit their targets. It was also like shields or domes came over certain cities. Even the contaminated air couldn’t go into those areas. It went around them.


I saw many vehicles coming in on our waters, like ships opened up in the front, and all these personnel, carrying things, came out armored, right up on our beaches, and all these thousands of people began to head out. I saw the proud look on the faces of those that were driving the vehicles. I heard, again, the thunderous voice from the heavens, “Watch what I will do!”


Suddenly, mountains puffed out smoke, and rivers of golden lava began flowing down a path, right across the beaches in front of the invaders. Terror came on their faces, and they turned back and headed to the sea, fleeing for their lives, as the waters behind them turned to steam. And the Lord said:


“I have people in this land that I will not let them touch, for they are Mine! They are My chosen, and I will keep My chosen safe! For I have a work for them to do yet in this land, and in many lands.”

Chinese Cell-Tower Technology In The USA


An FBI investigation into Chinese land purchases near critical infrastructure as well as the Huawei equipment found on many American cell towers has found the Chinese company’s telecom gear capable of capturing and even disrupting U.S. military communications, including that of the U.S. Strategic Command, which oversees America’s nuclear arsenal, according to a report by CNN.

According to a CNN report based on interviews with 12 current and former intelligence officials, Chinese telecom giant Huawei has been the subject of investigations by the FBI who now believes that the company’s equipment has the ability to snoop on U.S. military communications, and even disrupt communications when activated.

Donald Trump put policies in place largely banning Huawei from the United States, considerably damaging the company’s profits, but the equipment remains on many cell towers, including those strategically placed near critical military infrastructure.

Nuclear Missile in Silo

According to former senior FBI agent John Lenkart, the agency began examining Huawei’s business activities from a financial perspective to find deals that  “made no sense from a return-on-investment perspective.” Lenkart says, “A lot of [counterintelligence] concerns were uncovered based on.”

CNN writes:

By examining the Huawei equipment themselves, FBI investigators determined it could recognize and disrupt DOD-spectrum communications — even though it had been certified by the FCC, according to a source familiar with the investigation.

“It’s not technically hard to make a device that complies with the FCC that listens to nonpublic bands but then is quietly waiting for some activation trigger to listen to other bands,” said Eduardo Rojas, who leads the radio spectrum lab at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. “Technically, it’s feasible.”

To prove a device had clandestine capabilities, Rojas said, would require technical experts to strip down a device “to the semi-conductor level” and “reverse engineer the design.” But, he said, it can be done.

Despite the enormous strategic risk of a hostile Communist dictatorship having the ability to not only snoop but also potentially disrupt communications, the government is moving slowly to mandate a “rip and replace,” which would involve all Huawei telecom gear being removed from cell towers and other infrastructure. One CEO quoted in the article complained that removing Chinese spy technology from his towers is “difficult and it’s a lot of money.”

USA Takes Action Against Huawei

In an effort to further isolate China’s Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Trump pushed U.S. partner countries to deny Huawei access to their 5G networks. The Trump administration specifically worked to keep members of the “five eyes” intelligence-sharing group — the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand — from working with Huawei.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo previously described Huawei and other Chinese state-backed tech companies as “Trojan horses for Chinese intelligence.”

One year ago this month (July, 2021), in a unanimous vote on Tuesday, July 13th 2021, the Federal Communications Commission finalized a $1.9 billion program to rip and replace equipment from Chinese telecom companies considered national security risks by the U.S. government.

The program is meant to subsidize the cost for small telecommunications companies in the U.S. to replace gear from firms like Huawei and ZTE in an effort to secure U.S. networks.

 In the summer of 2019, Trump put Huawei, ZTE and seventy other Chinese tech companies on the  Entity List. American companies were not allowed to do business with the parties on this blacklist.

The decision was supported by a ruling from the FCC. The telecom watchdog determined that Huawei and ZTE  posed a threat to US national security. In its own words, there was “overwhelming evidence” that both companies were guilty of espionage. In addition, both companies reportedly had close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the military and are required by law to cooperate with government data requests.

Closing, be cognizant of the fact that if Mr. Gruver’s prophecy is correct, and I do believe it is, then we are soon to see these things come to pass.  The communists know that Trump is likely to be re-re-elected, and that one of his first acts as President will be to destroy the Huawei technology in the cell towers.  When Trump does that, the communists lose their ability to disrupt US military communication, and this includes comms to nuclear missile silos.  So they have to either prevent Trump from re-gaining office, or strike before he gets into office.

There is no possibly better time to strike than now, while the utterly incompetent liberals are in office, having been put there through criminal election fraud.  And if Biden resigns, leaving Kamala Harris as President of the United states, perfect for the communists.

As I see it, the Russians have every submarine in their fleet at sea as you read this.  Putin said himself a few months ago that “the oceans no longer present the safety barrier for the United States” that they used to provide.  He was implying that we can easily be attacked by submarine, and he is absolutely correct.  So positioning nuclear subs as close as possible, up and down both American coastlines and jamming American ability to launch a nuclear strike or even to send data to our own submarine fleet would be absolutely perfect for defeating the United States before Donald trump gets back in office.  With the fools Biden and Harris handed the Presidency, there has never been a better time than this to take down America, and Russia believes that America must be taken off the board.

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  • Cyberthreat Intelligence https://cyberthreatintelligence.com/experts/fcc-wants-3-billion-extra-to-remove-huawei-network-equipment/

I prayed, then went to bed. I was still awake, when suddenly I heard a trumpet sound. A voice cried out to me, “Stand!”

In my vision, I was in America. I walked out of my home, and began to look for the one who had spoken to me. As I looked, I saw three men dressed alike. Two of the men carried weapons. One of the armed men came to me. “I woke you to show you what is to come. he said. “Come with me.”

I didn’t know where I was being taken, but when we reached a certain place he said, “stop here!”

A pair of binoculars was handed to me, and I was told to look through them.

“Stand there, don’t move, and look,” he continued. “You will see what they are saying, and what they are preparing for America.”

As I was looking, I saw a great light. A dark cloud appeared over it. I saw the president of Russia, a short, chubby man, who said he was the president of China, and two others. The last two also said where they were from, but I did not understand. However, I gathered they were part of Russian controlled territory. The men stepped out of the cloud.

The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one. “I will give you the land with all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack them from behind.”

A voice said to me, “Watch where the Russians penetrate America.”

I saw these words being written: Alaska; Minnesota; Florida.

Then, the man spoke again, “When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.”

The other two presidents spoke, “We, too, will fight for you.” Each had a place already planned as a point of attack.

All of them shook hands and hugged. Then they all signed a contract. One of them said, “We’re sure that Korea and Cuba will be on our side, too. Without a doubt, together, we can destroy America.”

The president of Russia began to speak insistently, “Why let ourselves be led by the Americans? Why not rule the world ourselves? They have to be kicked out of Europe, too! Then I could do as I please with Europe!”

The man standing beside me asked, “This is what you saw: they act as friends, and say they respect the treaties made together. But everything I’ve shown you is how it will REALLY happen. You must tell them what is being planned against American. Then, when it comes to pass, the people will remember the words the Lord has spoken.”

Who are you?” I asked.

“I am the protector of America. America’s sin has reached God. He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God however, still has people that worship Him with a clean heart as they do His work. He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people.”

As I looked, a great army, well armed and dressed in white, appeared before me.

“Do you see that?” the man asked. “This army will go to battle to save My chosen ones.Then, the difference between the Godly and the ungodly will be evident.”

The “Godly and the ungodly…” – as Yahuah spoke to me “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”  That separation comes with tremendous violence.  My vision of the flaming sword.

I’m trying hard to wrap this up, but this last thing.  The Russian nuclear super-submarine the Belgorod also carries a small accessory submarine that is designed to cut undersea cables.  If the Belgorod manages to cut the cables to the undersea sensors the USA has in both oceans, Russia and China can both put nuclear-armed submarines along both US coastlines, undetected.

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