China Absolutely Built A Corona Bio-weapon. But Is Someone Else Behind This Pandemic?

Apparently, some people still think that the virus floating around called “covid-19” or “corona virus” or “CCP virus” or “Wuhan Flu” originated in some random animal and then magically adapted itself to operate in human beings.

It is proven conclusively, with zero doubt,  that the corona virus is…

a Chinese-made biological weapon intended for use against the West.  But like some Jihadist bomb-maker making suicide vests in his basement, this “bomb” apparently blew up in China’s own face.    I say “apparently” because it is also possible that China has an antidote or some other preventative compound/medicine that it applied before it released the “virus” in Wuhan in order to allow for significant Chinese deaths, but not very many outside of Hubei Province.

That would be done to give the appearance that China accidentally released the virus, when in fact China intentionally released it, beginning on its own soil and fully planning on the virus entering the USA and Europe.

I’m speculating here because I know how utterly without morals the Chinese government is.  China would slaughter millions of Chinese people without blinking if it would strengthen the Chinese Communist Party.  This writer postulates that China created this covid-19 bioweapon, applied the still undiscovered antidote or vaccine in advance and through either aerosol spraying or in the water supply or some other mass means to defend its military and political personnel, and is waiting to see how crippled the West becomes.

China will covertly release more Covid-19 all over the world, including in the USA, soon enough.  Just when it looks like the USA has turned a corner on this pandemic, we will see unexplained Covid-19 “blooms” taking place in various locations in the USA and Europe.  Maybe Russia, too.  China doesn’t care one bit about its alleged ally Russia.

The covert releases of Covid-19 or some new variant of it will be intended to break the will of Americans, to cripple us and depress us into defeat before a single shot is fired.  China, having released the bioweapon Covid-19, will continue to release it and variations of it until China is stopped, or until China is the only standing major military on earth.

The US CIA certainly is monitoring Chinese military capability in light of Covid-19, and this writer does not recall any detailed information citing the crippling of the Chinese army by Covid-19.  Secrecy is required on matters like this, but information, like the virus, gets out.

A Google search for Chinese military suffering from Covid-19 reveals nothing significant, partly because Google is in deep with Communist China, having developed and implemented the Chinese Dragonfly system to help the Communist government monitor dissent in real-time and know the precise location of those desenters, also in real-time, for quick arrest.

Google.  Now there is a Beast System for you.

Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act has given a detailed statement admitting that the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it.

Clearly, obviously, this corona virus is a weapon, not an accident.

And yes, there is abundant proof that China developed it.

If you are interested in the Chinese theft of the base corona virus a few years ago, which is fascinating, read that here.(offsite)

Closing, please understand that the virus we are dealing with is a weapon designed to kill as many people as possible.

China is proven to be developing a corona virus biological weapon.  There is only one very important question unanswered, and that is this: Is the virus killing people and destroying economies a virus developed by the Chinese and released on purpose by the Chinese (virus damage to China would be a smokescreen in this case)


Is the virus a 3rd party, privately developed virus that was always planned to be released in Wuhan and also released in the USA in Seattle (Bill Gates hometown) (mystery how first US victim caught it)?  This is very, very possible.  There are many ultra-rich people like George Soros (who is a Jew who worked directly with the NAZIS to round up the Jews in WWII) and Bill Gates, whose daddy headed Planned Parenthood and who openly advocates reducing the global population.

I think I’m going for third party virus manufacture with Soros and Gates at the top of that group.  This is a planned process designed to break the USA and create a permanent world governing body complete with digital currency and ID2020 requirements.  Its the tribulation we all dreaded, and a promise kept by Yahuah.

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