Chapter 8 And 9: Middle East War and World War III

Prophecies of world war, or of Middle East war, of foreign invasion are rich and deep in certain prophecies. Prophecies that originate as far back as 1929, or 91 years ago, describing nuclear holocaust in America. These are the most painful to read or hear, and there

are many. The same story is reiterated over and over – a surprise nuclear first strike by Russia and China during a time of American public civil strife and confusion, with a massive Chinese invading force landing and conquering. So many prophetic statements, so similar, and nearly 100 years of them is adequate warning.

America’s enemies are fomenting the civil war brewing in America.  If the communists win, our enemies prevail without firing a single shot.  But if the communists appear to fail, America gets attacked in the confusion.  “Leaderless” is a word that caught my eye as I read for you today.


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7 months ago

Thats Biden , dude. Thats right now

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