Chapter 7 – Tsunami Destroys East Coast, NY and Florida

It doesn’t get better.  Ever.  Only when Yahusha appears does peace come.  Until then, constant, relentless and utterly destructive ruin.


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4 months ago

It is awesome to be with these people, GM Linder. Thank you. Jerry, thank you. I most certainly appreciate the community you’ve built up. One thing I wish were different, is if when I post a comment and if/or if it’s posted or replied to,.,. To get an email notification. Same as the new posts you offer. The way it is now, we have to go back and check if it’s posted or replied to. I listened to you read the book a couple yrs back. Im listening again. I feel like you must have discovering Torah. I already have it! No need to buy something else.? Ha! This is a good book, Jerry.

4 months ago
Reply to  Jerry

This is perfect sir.  Thank you

GM Linder
1 year ago

UK. I have had several visions over the years, the main one I want to share was of the Rapture and I wrote the poem below; the Lord has told me that I will live to see all that he has shared with me; I’m 75

‘Earth in all her glory hangs suspended from the Creator hand.
Slowly, silently she revolves, urged on by the winds from heaven.
A jewel, set against the black cushion of a velvet universe.
Her beauty veiled and revealed by shifting patterns of cloud.
Who knows her time? Is it now?

Trumpet peals of light are piercing through the darkness of the night,
They reveal an opening in heaven, from which emit rays of living light.
Streams of angels pour in multitudes upon the Earth,
Cascading down, in flowing ribbons of Shekinah might.
Myriad upon myriad, stationed at her feet,
Glowing circles, pulsating bright, twin anklets of light.

At the word, inward moving, hands outstretched, reaching in,
Catching hold of saints concealed in caves and graves of old.
Sweeping clean the seven seas of her treasure-trove.
Lifting streams of resurrected saints to glory,
Around and around they fly,
Encircling the Earth in robes of ethereal light,
They arise, they arise!

Looking up, they hear the rushing of the wings of angels bold,
Living saints are now enfolded in the arms of angelic hosts.
Ascending, they harvest the Earth and leave her mourning.
Slowly now they rise, gently circling.
A coronet formed resplendent, for Majesty descending.
All glory abides in Him.
Bowing down before their maker, drifting upward now ascending.
The tear in heaven is restored and inky darkness hides Earth’s tears.
No more to see the saints in glory,
Rejoicing at their Wedding feast!

GM Linder © 2006

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