Chapter 4 – Murder, Mayhem and Violent Anarchy – America Will Burn

Chapter 4 of the book Lost Prophecies of the Future of America is a profoundly sobering look into the prophecies of many prophets, vision-holders and dreamers.  I myself have had a vision and the vision was the flaming sword of Yahuah swinging to the earth and His voice saying “I am coming to separate the righteous from the unrighteous.”  Obviously, the righteous will be here when the wrath of Yahuah strikes America. 

I do not want to bring bad news or upsetting information, but I would be a liar and no servant of Yahuah if I did not tell you the truth.  The truth is America is Sodom and America is going to suffer a death that is unimaginable.

Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America – book by Michael Snyder

Buy the book, read it and give it to someone you care about.


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