Chapter 11 – Why God Is Bringing Judgement To America

The reasons Yahuah is bringing judgement to America is manifold.  Corruption, pornography, graft, abortion, hatred, homosexualism, athiesm, vacuous church bodies and much more.

You can be certain that it is coming.  I personally had a vision in the middle of the day.  Flaming sword and His voice.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Why God Is Bringing Judgement To America”

  1. Every nation will be under this final judgement, but just glad to be counted among the natsarim and this is why it’s important to pray for those still and preach the real good news. It will be stunning to see the sun grow dark and the moon dark blood red, when it does.

    1. Ryan, I admire your faith, but bear in mind that we will lose many we love in these last days. The mockery and bitter hatred of my former spouse is intense, and she endeavors to corrupt the faith of my sons. The battle between righteousness and death is ugly.

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