Chapter 10 – Persecution

Persecution is an experience 99 percent of Americans have never experienced.  Nonetheless, persecution of the faithful is coming, and it will be fiercely driven by the satan and

will drive the faithful more closely together.  The one thing that continues to come to mind regarding America and the destruction inherent in the end time theology is this: There actually are many (term used loosely) somewhat faithful sons and daughters of Yahuah praying for mercy on America.

Personally, I do not.  Any nation as responsible for killing as many people as America has murdered does deserve destruction.  I will be delighted to die in that process if it means that abortion in this country will end forever.


If it is Sun Day and you went to church today, bear in mind that you desecrated the sabbath, a day Yahuah commands His people to respect, to keep holy and to faithfully adhere to.

Start right here and get your house in order:



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