Chapter 2: Real Prophets VS False Prophets & Chapter 3: Famine In America Audio

Chapter two does a fine job of explaining how we can discern a true prophet from a false one, and this is important information.  Ultimately it is the Holy Spirit of Yahuah within us that recognizes a true prophet and subsequently leads us to follow or reject based on that spiritual discernment.

Listen carefully to chapter two:


Chapter Three

Famine is coming to America.  Store food, buy silver bullion, buy ammunition and own a couple of good firearms.  You will need food, good boots, clean drinking water, soap, first aid, medicine that you or your family might need.

Money is going to blow up.  Hyper-inflation will ignite food prices, and every day food costs a little bit more.  This is going to be very ugly and many of us will die.  If you are saved and obey the commands of Yahuah, physical death is great 🙂  But if you are a hard-head and deny Christ, you will die anyway and burn for your rebellion.

So EVERYONE – accept Jesus (Yahusha) as your Lord and obey the commands of His Father, Yahuah.

Prepare for Famine


Buy Michael Snyder’s book:

The Prophecies of America – Chapter 1 Audio

Recently I read a book written by a man named Michael Snyder. He is a fine fellow who has written several books, and has a few websites with over combined 100,000,000 views. He works hard, is smart and follows Yahuah. He is a leader and many websites syndicate his work.

The book he wrote that I am talking about is Lost Prophecies of The Future of America

Buy the book on Amazon after you listen to Chapter One, right here.  I will record the entire book and post each chapter here, with Chapter Two following in a day or two until I complete reading the entire book here for you.

Back From The Mountains And All I can Say Is Brace Yourself

I recently returned from a two-week time out that I took alone in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  I loaded up my gear, drove 1500 miles, camped, hiked, and backpacked for two weeks and came home.  I had to get away, and I had to hear from Yahuah.

Mesa Verde Colorado Cliff Dwellings.

I did.  Early, too.  Before I even pitched my tent the first time.  I was listening to something on the radio of my 4Runner, and before I knew it, I was reading on my Kindle a boob by Michael Snyder titled Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.

I parked my 4Runner in some shade and read that entire book before I ever pulled my tent out of my SUV.  When I finished the book, I was physically hurting.  It took me three weeks to get up enough strength or courage or whatever it is to sit down and crack open my Thinkpad to get this done.

I have to get the message of this book to as many people as possible.

This book is loaded with prophecies from individuals who have consistently produced prophecies of events in advance of the event.  These are their prophecies regarding America, and your future.

Rather than count on people to purchase the book, and you will want to purchase this book, for sure, I am reading the entire book aloud so you can listen in your car, or at home, work or in the bed at night.

The audio file is mp3 format and will play on anything.

Listen to each audio posting as soon as it comes to you, because this is not information you want to dismiss or ignore.  In fact, as soon as I send this post, I am going to the grocery store.  Having available food is a true matter of life or death.  Make the most of your time.

When I get home, I will publish the audio of Chapter one.


Dana Coverstone – The Dream of November 3rd, 2020

Dana Coverstone – A pastor who has some powerful dreams.  Yahuah uses him because he is humble, honest and does his best to relay to us precisely what he dreamed.  This dream specifically targets November 3rd, 2020.  It is precisely what I also see coming, with the exception of the assassination attempts.

Listen and brace yourself… Continue reading “Dana Coverstone – The Dream of November 3rd, 2020”

Prepare Yourself Through Prayer. Persecution of The Faithful Will Come From Within The Church,

Brace yourself. Brace yourself and endure till the end. Continue reading “Prepare Yourself Through Prayer. Persecution of The Faithful Will Come From Within The Church,”

In The Coming Madness

Prophets.  Many are false prophets.  Some are servants of Yahuah.  The burden of prophecy is heavy, indeed.  It is a physical, mental and emotional burden, but spiritually, the heart of a prophet is strengthened.

These last days seems to see a flowering or blooming of prophets all over the world.  Truth is budding everywhere.  People, lost people, – many of them diligently seek god, the lower case g, not knowing that He is GOD 🙂  No human other than His son Yahusha understands the scope of Yahuah’s authority.  Continue reading “In The Coming Madness”

Is The Prophecy by Pastor Shane Warren Coming To Pass Now?

Seven years ago I came across an interview that Sid Roth did with Shane Warren. Sid is a saved Jew and has a TV show or youtube channel or both. The interview with Shane Warren really stuck with me, and I found it for you to watch today. Pastor Warren covers some very important matters, and I believe him.
Continue reading “Is The Prophecy by Pastor Shane Warren Coming To Pass Now?”

Prophecy: Destruction of America.

I have a brother who testifies in Israel. I have a brother who prophesizes in Israel. Both walk in the Way. Today, Yahuah speaks. If you have ears to hear, hear. Yahuah is coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous. Praise Him. It is almost finished. If Yahuah does not know you, you will perish. Though you raise the dead and cast out demons in the name of Yahusha, you are unknown if you do not submit to the commands of Yahuah.

Continue reading “Prophecy: Destruction of America.”

Kynan Bridges’ SHOCKING Dream About President Trump (Must Watch!)

If you know who Sid Roth is, congratulations.  He is a beautiful human being and I love him.  He talks a lot, sometimes he talks when I really want to listen to his guest, but Sid is the read deal.  In his interview with this black pastor, one will hear some of the best words possible.  This pastor really has it dialed in regarding BLM.  It is a wonderful dose of inspired wisdom.

Kynan Bridges’ SHOCKING Dream About President Trump (Must Watch!)

The dream is about Trump and the “foundations” that Yahuah sent Trump to safeguard.  Trumps success depends on our prayers, so be sure to pray for Mr. Trump every day, please.