Knock Knock! “Who’s There?” :)

05:49 AM, Friday.  On the headphones is the band Imagine Dragons, an Indi Rock band that I have grown quite fond of.  The album is EVOLVE, and the music is great.  Just fantastic, and I like it at about 50 percent volume.  Louder would be just fine for me, but not for my ears.

The particular tune playing as I start this is the song “Rise Up”.

I encourage you to read and study the Word of Yahuah.  Trust Him, lean on Him, and never try to “figure Him out”, because you can’t.  No one can.  Paul tells us that Yahuah is “inscrutable”, and that means “you cannot figure Him out”. Continue reading “Knock Knock! “Who’s There?” :)”

My Personal Testimony

Writing or making a video of my personal testimony is a big deal to me.  Its a big deal because it is so personal, and because you will have to pray to Yahuah in order to believe some of what you hear.  You will need help from Yahuah because I assure you, you have never heard anything like what I am sharing with you here.

Look, mine is not your Sunday School teachers conversion experience.  Yet my conversion and subsequent dreams and vision, my infilling of the Holy Spirit – all are supernatural.  All are powerful, far beyond any other things I have ever experienced.

Yahuah is my Lord.  He is my governor.  He is my leader, my Father, my comforter, my beloved and faithful friend, guide, master.  He is the one real thing.

I want to share this with you because you need to know more.  You need to understand me better, and absolutely because you will need to trust me in the future.  You need to know that I am true, because very soon we will be under attack.  When we are under attack, and I mean the Beast, the Dragon, arrests, executions on a mass scale, wide-field genocide – men’s hearts will fail them from fear.

You better believe it.

But when the fight starts in the flesh, I will have much to say.  He has prepared my soul for these times, and I was created to serve in these very days.  It is not for nothing that He raised me up as He did, from birth to the end.

He prepared me, set me apart and kept me safe for His purpose.  So please listen.  Listen carefully.  Every word is true.