Powerful, Annointed Video Regarding Donald Trump, Righteousness and The Wicked Who Sought To Harm Him. Trump WILL Serve Four More Years.

Have you ever watched someone begin an endeavor and recognized from the start that it was a doomed project?  Or have you ever watched someone working busily on some project that you knew already was destined for failure?  This is what I see when I watch that pathetic, lying, racist, brain-broken liberal lying Joseph Biden sitting at President Trumps desk. Continue reading “Powerful, Annointed Video Regarding Donald Trump, Righteousness and The Wicked Who Sought To Harm Him. Trump WILL Serve Four More Years.”

The Real Lady Liberty Was Murdered In The Senate Chambers Yesterday. Avenge Her.

Murder.  She was shot in the neck while she stood in a window, hugging her American flag.  She swore the oath to defend her country against domestic enemies, and she died doing exactly that.  She was shot by a man “in a suit” and in that particular Senate Chamber, the shooter was probably Democrat Chuck Schumers’ personal body guard.

Her name – Lady Liberty

Her murder is symbolic of the murder Vice-President Judas Pence committed to the US Constitution when he chose to refer proceedings to the Democrat House of Representatives and the Senate, which is 1/2 democrat and 80 percent Never Trump.  The law states plainly that the various state legislators have top priority on this matter, and the state legislators requested in writing that Judas Pence obey the law and send the matter to them to investigate.

Judas Pence deserves to be tried for treason, convicted and executed.  No amount of passive resistance, which I constantly hear from the voices on the net, will correct our course.  America is dying, just as the woman on the senate floor is dying.  The flag she was holding to her chest when she was murdered is the flag I and others like her swore to defend with deadly force when necessary.

Part of America died on the floor yesterday.  She was unarmed, defenseless and defending YOU and me from tyranny.  Judas Pence, in the dark of 3AM today, led a coalition of like-minded traitors in an effort to declare President Trump “insane”.  They are desperate to stop the evidence of election fraud from becoming public because they know Trump will utterly clean house in his second term.

Judas Pence: “Christian”, murderer, liar, raw animal in a silk suit.  Judas.

We MUST do something to help defend the Constitution and liberty for ourselves and for posterity.  Death will be better than surrender.  Victory, sweeter than life.

This is you, this is me, this is your daughter, your son, your grandchild- a freedom fighter who only wanted justice and truth.  Shot in the neck and bleeding to death on the floor of the building where TRUTH and JUSTICE should live.  Instead, demons and devils plot there to rob the entire earth.

If we lose this fight, slavery is our legacy.  If you do not fight, then witness your own demise…

Download this video and post it everywhere.  Copy the text of this post and post it everywhere.  Make it your own, or send people here.  Don’t be a lazy do-nothing.  Stand up, speak up, make some enemies and fight back.

Jan6Murder.Capitol.  Download this.

New Video Library – Christian Truthers

Wonderful and holy teaching.  These videos are a joy to experience.

Christian Truthers


This is your time. Shine, dear brothers, beloved sisters. Shine.

I could use some prayer.

In the last 90 days or so, my best friend for 47 years died of cancer and meth addiction, alone in a hospital 200 miles away.  He ended badly, as I knew he would, and his life revealed his love of self.  But he and I were close friends for decades.  We met at church camp when we were 12.  More precisely, we met in a gang fight at church camp, an irony that we laughed about forever.

We were on opposing sides, lined up with our belts wrapped around our fists, ready to smash faces and skulls with the heavy buckles.

Fortunately, the dinner bell rang and we all ran to the cafeteria to eat the last meal of the day.

We met again in junior high, where I established myself as his physical superior.  But he had spunk.  Guts.  Skinny as a broom handle with nerves of steel.  He and I, along with some other fellows, had epic adventures together doing things that I will eventually share with my own sons, but only after they are grown, married and with children.

Lane Alton McCarty, who jumped the Lotus Lane railroad crossing on a Suzuki GS-1000 motorcycle going 100 miles per hour (that’s 161 kph, Australia 🙂 with Gary Wayne Hill on the back.  He did it on a bet for a chicken fried steak, and he was 20.

Nerves of steel.

He got busted a few years later in possession of a fully automatic machine gun when a DEA agent was brought to his house to participate in and witness a deal for one gallon of cocaine.

I saw it on the news the night it happened.

Lane was addicted to crack cocaine at that time, and sold a lot of coke and X.  Then he got busted and dropped the drugs.

He was a success in some high-end software development around age 47.  He earned $200kUSD one year.

He was not a handsome dude, by any stretch of the imagination.  But he was a character, and although he lived in darkness, he was still my beloved friend.

He died alone because he was angry at me.  The meth owned him at some point, and when I leaned on him hard about that, he turned away from me for the last two years of his life.  As he lay dying in Houston, he was too proud, stubborn and hard-hearted to let me know.  I’m sure he was also ashamed at his condition, but pride leads us to death, and pride led him.

Shortly after that, my wife divorced me.

She said that she was just “not into” me, that I was a loser and some other, worse things.  She didn’t tell me she wanted a divorce, she just had me served with divorce papers in the parking lot of my workplace one Friday afternoon as I walked to my car.

I looked to the heavens and said “Thank you, God.”

In all the years of my personal devotion to Yahuah, she never picked up the Book to read it.  I do not know why she married me, because I was just as devoted when I met her.

She crys now, and tells me that she made a mistake, that she wants us to be together.  But I don’t see that happening.  For over a decade I prayed for her and our marriage, my guts twisting in sorrow and angst for years over her abuse of me, both emotionally and physically, sometimes quite violently.

And the week I prayed for Yahuah to end our marriage, she filed and set me free.

Last Saturday my sisters, brother and I said goodbye to our beloved mother, who died after 20 years of severe Lupus, multiple strokes, brain surgery, knee replacement, and Alzheimers.  She was my only hero, a mother who did many things wrong but burned herself up doing the absolute best she could for her children.  She is great in the Kingdom of heaven, and I will see her soon.

The loss of two people so important to me, and the end of my marriage and the dissolution of the family of my three young boys is taking a toll on me.  There is an emotional burden on me that I find exceedingly hard to bear.  When people ask me how I am holding up, I tell them that it is difficult in ways that are hard to explain.  It is a pain that I do not understand, and it is deep, a mystery sorrow than I cannot out maneuver.

So please, I need your prayers.  And I need to focus on teaching – science.  Yet I cannot muster the drive to begin the march.  I am depleted, exhausted, depressed, weary of human life.  I just no longer want to participate in this life.

Yet I must.

There is much to do, and little time to do it.  The times, time and half a time are beginning soon.  The Third Temple will get built, I can feel it surging in time.  There is an urgency in Israel, almost frantic, to get it built.  The abomination that brings desolation will soon stand in the Holy place within the Temple.  That abomination might just be a human/machine hybrid, as that will certainly be an abomination to Yahuah.

The human is almost certainly chosen already.  The machine/Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration will wait until it is time for him to setp forward as the false Messiah.  The Red Dragon, which is quite possibly Communist China, will roll out its social engineering software world-wide in order to ensnare those who keep the commands of Yahuah and have the testimony of Yahusha.

The AI-controlled false Messiah will do wonderous acts indeed, and the Red Dragon will hunt down we who follow the Word.  Many of us will be executed, but none of us will be deceived.  Yahuah will dwell within us, and He will speak through us to Kings and rulers regarding the times, the Truth and their destiny with Satan.

Flee if you must.  Be prepared to flee.  Know where you will go and what you will need to travel and live off of.  Be prepared to defend yourselves.  If you live in one of the nations where you have already been disarmed and made defenseless, consider America for a long-term visit.  Millions of believers here are quite well armed.

You do not have to defend yourself.  You might choose to meekly surrender, and there is honor in that.  Why put off going home?

My only concern is my children.  I will do everything possible to keep them away from the beast.

Eventually this web site and all others like it will disappear from the web.  The Chinese government already scans my site, and there is my name, plastered all over the place 🙂  But I intended that.  I am honored beyond words to be saved by Yahuah.  I will be deeply grateful to be decapitated for following the Way.  For sure.  For sure.

I urge you to be strong in your faith.  Do not fear the future, and do not fear these enemies.  There is NOTHING on this earth that has any value other than our love for others.  It is the love from YOU that is valuable.  In all of humanity, only the love FROM people is valuable.  Not gold, possessions, property or power – only love FROM us to others has value.

Love, then.  Love the clerk in the grocery store.  Love the policeman.  Love the teachers, the students, the neighbor.  Love every living soul you meet.  Show them you love them.  Look them in the eyes and talk to them.  Laugh.  Be close.  And at the perfect moment – when they are open and listening to you – tell them that Jesus wants them to follow Him.  Then walk away.

Leave those words rattling around in the minds of people you meet.  Plant as much seed as you can while there is time to plant.  Someone will harvest the crop in due time.

The rise of the wicked will be an incredible time for the faithful.  Millions of people will realize that the Bible is true, and they will desperately want answers.  This is your time.  Shine, dear brothers, beloved sisters.



The Most Powerful Covid-19 Investigative Legal Team In Germany Launches Huge USA Class Action

Covid-19 is proven a total sham.  It is proven without any doubt that the covid-19 drama is pure theater, with layer upon layer of lies and deception.  Apparently, the situation was manipulated to create wealth through fear and to advance global totalitarianism.

Update – Youtube banned the video “Crimes against Humanity”, but I still have it.

“Covid-19” – Its a fraud.  It is a totally false “pandemic”.  A global class-action lawsuit, led by one of the most powerful and effective law teams in the world is being launched and folks, these guys take care of business.

Video and full transcript are below.  Listen and read to absorb the full impact of the facts.  It’s important for you and your family.  Reading and listening will definitely make you stronger.  It is worth your time, I promise.

Continue reading “The Most Powerful Covid-19 Investigative Legal Team In Germany Launches Huge USA Class Action”

A Poem From A Sister In Yahusha

A fine sister sent me a poem that she wrote some time ago, and I asked her for her permission to share it with you. She agreed and please do read it. Whenever someone sends me something to read, I feel duty-bound to “like it”, because obviously the person who sent it valued the information highly. So when I started this poem I had that “I must like this” burden rising within my mind.

Until I finished it.

There is something alive, loving and holy in this poem. Even now, a week later writing about it, I have tears in my eyes. This poem is beautiful, moving and peace is in it. That is what I experience – peace.

Below is her email and her poem:

“I have had several visions over the years, the main one I want to share was of the Rapture and I wrote the poem below; the Lord has told me that I will live to see all that he has shared with me; I’m 75

‘Earth in all her glory hangs suspended from the Creator hand.
Slowly, silently she revolves, urged on by the winds from heaven.
A jewel, set against the black cushion of a velvet universe.
Her beauty veiled and revealed by shifting patterns of cloud.
Who knows her time? Is it now?

Trumpet peals of light are piercing through the darkness of the night,
They reveal an opening in heaven, from which emit rays of living light.
Streams of angels pour in multitudes upon the Earth,
Cascading down, in flowing ribbons of Shekinah might.
Myriad upon myriad, stationed at her feet,
Glowing circles, pulsating bright, twin anklets of light.

At the word, inward moving, hands outstretched, reaching in,
Catching hold of saints concealed in caves and graves of old.
Sweeping clean the seven seas of her treasure-trove.
Lifting streams of resurrected saints to glory,
Around and around they fly,
Encircling the Earth in robes of ethereal light,
They arise, they arise!

Looking up, they hear the rushing of the wings of angels bold,
Living saints are now enfolded in the arms of angelic hosts.
Ascending, they harvest the Earth and leave her mourning.
Slowly now they rise, gently circling.
A coronet formed resplendent, for Majesty descending.
All glory abides in Him.
Bowing down before their maker, drifting upward now ascending.
The tear in heaven is restored and inky darkness hides Earth’s tears.
No more to see the saints in glory,
Rejoicing at their Wedding feast!

GM Linder © 2006

Free Masons Are Destroying The Skeletal Remains Of Giants To Obliterate Proof Of Nephalim And of Holy Scripture

Giants practically ruled the world at one time, and apparently did so twice.  Before the flood – giants dominating mankind and eating mankind.  After the flood – giants dominating and eating mankind.  Judging by where giant remains have been found in America, they had villages and towns in what looks like thousands of places.  They certainly have been found in thousands of places, and that is in the United States alone.  Giants are found world-wide and in every culture. Continue reading “Free Masons Are Destroying The Skeletal Remains Of Giants To Obliterate Proof Of Nephalim And of Holy Scripture”

“Catholic” – The Utter Horror of It. Are ANY Catholics Saved? The Truth Is This: Obedience To Yahuah Is VITAL For YOU.

I just woke up from a most wonderful nights sleep, and am at my desk drinking a big mug of coffee.  I was pondering the possibility of Israel being the “little horn”, and found a neat website with some good information on it, but it was about the Vatican being the ‘little horn’.

Continue reading ““Catholic” – The Utter Horror of It. Are ANY Catholics Saved? The Truth Is This: Obedience To Yahuah Is VITAL For YOU.”

“Yahusha”, or “Jesus”? Yeshua? Iasous? Do You Like Solid Truth?

The following information is provided from Cepher.net, the translators of the most accurate, informative Word I have ever found.  You can be confident of their research, giving you confidence in your understanding.  – JWD 

“We have set forth the name of the Messiah as Yahusha (יהושע), partly because this name is identical to the name as was set forth in Bemidbar (Numbers) describing the Ephrayimiy Husha, the son of Nun, who was selected as one of the twelve to spy out the Promised Land during the beginning of the Exodus.

Continue reading ““Yahusha”, or “Jesus”? Yeshua? Iasous? Do You Like Solid Truth?”

The Truth: Do You Speak It?

John 8:31 – “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The truth will set you free.  Yahusha said that, yet most people either reject it immediately as a religious platitude, or misunderstand it, thinking that it means that Yahusha (the Truth), will free us from our life of bondage to sin.

There is more to it.

Continue reading “The Truth: Do You Speak It?”