New Priorities For The Royal Children Of Yahuah


If you are saved, your primary objective now is to lead others to accepting Yahusha’s offer of salvation.  We are right at the door of a tremendous global train wreck, and you will very soon face your maker.  Show up with some wins in the salvation category.

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Ignore The Coming mRNA Hyper-Hype And Brace Yourself For A Surprise Attack On The USA


The Covid thing proved that the American population is very susceptible to mass manipulation based on pressure from marketing via television.  The “vaccine” was marketed as a safe choice when Covid was marketed as a deadly virus.  Most readers here made the right decision, but not all of you.

Remember that if you stand for anything, you will eventually be vilified for whatever you stand for.  It doesn’t matter who you are, if you dare to use your own mind to review facts and draw conclusions, you will find yourself outside the “group-think” bubble, and subsequently an outcast, the unclean, a blasphemer, etc.

Still, it is far, far better to study the available reliable data and draw your own conclusions.  Be very, very cautious about joining the herd, because a herd mentality can get you killed, poisoned, imprisoned and other nasty, big-group (or big state) “solutions”.

We want to think that our selected groups are imbued with wisdom and integrity, and often enough this is the case.  But when the pressure is on, when lives are potentially at stake, people panic.  Decisions are rashly made.  Fear can grip a society like a magic cloud, causing due process or rational thought to vanish like the summer dew.

We can expect a brand new fear campaign to begin soon.  I don’t know if it will be the collapse of the dollar, or war or a shiny new “disease” that we all will be coerced into vaccinating against.  It is certain that we will experience the escalation of fear and pressure to be injected.  The objective is to reduce the size of the population of the earth.  It is a Satan Show.  He is the Prince of this world and these days its “all hands on deck”.

I’m asking you to brace yourself.  Rumor is that this summer (2023), potentially mid-June, we might see a major escalation of the Biden war VS Russia.  War is on the menu and the devils running America see no other way to maintain power because the economy is in a slow explosion.  The two year extension of the national debt is merely an avoidance of doing the right thing now.

Russia and China see what is happening.  Maybe, probably the rest of the world leaders do, too.  America is losing multiple financial relationships and the ship is sinking.  War while it can be waged is a major option for the U.S. government, because the only other real option is reform/fiscal responsibility/governmental integrity.  That’s not going to happen, so its war for sure.

There are prophecies that speak of war against America.  That speak of sneak attacks, crippled defenses, Chinese ground troops led by Russian commanders on the ground in the USA.  There are already very many Chinese soldiers in the USA.  A potentially accurate estimate is ~500k actual, trained Chinese soldiers are living in the USA today.

A Prophecy – Henry Gruver – A Surprise Russian Nuclear Submarine Missile Attack 

I know where a Chinese man lives with his Chinese wife in my small town.  She is generally friendly, until recently.  Her husband is hard core military with many years in the field.  You can see it.  He and I have never spoken, but we eyeball one another.  I know and he knows, because I look military, too.

Keep your wits when things go crazy.  Stay calm.  You really need to have discussions with your neighbors.  You need to know them and they need to know you.  Bear in mind that many of them will freak out when the show begins, and how you manage that is going to set the stage for how you deal with the following weeks and months.

A Failure of Civility

You will want information on how to prepare for and how to respond to certain serious situations.  I recommend the book linked here: A Failure Of Civility. (Link goes to Amazon books.)

I own this book and read it years ago, and it is an eye opener, for sure.  There is even a section on how and why you need to keep track of your kills, including times, dates, drivers license information and more so that you will be prepared for the eventual re-establishment of lawful governance.    Let’s pray that our living conditions do not deteriorate to the level of the writers situations.

A Failure of Civility by Mike Garand

The main thing is to have a living, dynamic and honest relationship with Yahuah.  Without that, it doesn’t really matter what you do because hell awaits the folks who decline the offer Yahusha makes.  Saying that you are a “Christian” is meaningless.

You must have a real, personal relationship with Yahuah.  The only way to achieve that relationship is to talk to Him, read His Words and submit to His instructions.  Nothing else will work.  You must do all of those things.

Ditch Medicine

Another very valuable book is Hugh L. Coffee’s Ditch Medicine

This book teaches you how to treat all kinds of potential fatal wounds and ilnesses with common items found around the house.  It’s a super cool book to read, and judging from some of the prices I just saw, in high demand.  I paid $9 USD for my copy several years ago, and $30 bucks (maybe) for my copy of A Failure Of Civility.

Ditch Medicine Hardcover (Hugh L. Coffee) - Picture 1 of 2

I don’t know which one is more valuable, but I own both and bought them around 10 years ago.  Personally, I would spend the money on Ditch Medicine first, but that’s because I am confident of my fighting abilities and organizational skills.  The medical stuff I need more help with, so Ditch Medicine is my first choice.  For example, did you know that if you have a serious bleeding wound in your body that you can pour raw honey into it to prevent infection and kill bacteria?  Lots of priceless info in the Ditch Medicine book.


You will need a state map.  The USGS has maps for every state, and you need at least one for your home state.  Why?  Because you might have to walk a long, long way to safety.  If you cannot walk very far, you might have to drive (if you can get fuel and if the roads are safe).  Do not count on the Internet or cell phone service.


Store gasoline, about 40+ gallons (600-700 miles worth at around 20MPG) in proper fuel storage containers and PUT STA-BIL in those containers of gasoline.  Gasoline goes bad in storage, and Sta-Bil stabilizes the gasoline and prevents it from absorbing moisture from the atmosphere and from decomposing due to age.  Good for 24 months.

22206 Lifestyle Track Car Side Splitter 3 min

Pour the additive directly into the fuel reserve of the vehicle, generator, lawnmower, gas can, or whatever engine you are storing. The product is compatible with any type of gasoline-powered equipment you plan to stow away for a month or more, so if it holds fuel, it can be stabilized.

After putting the additive into your full tank, allow the engine to run idly for five minutes. Doing so will allow the product to run through the entire fuel system to keep every component of the engine protected.

By following these basic instructions, the fuel in your equipment will remain fresh for up to 24 months from the time of the treatment.

Food, Water, Ammunition

Food, self-defense, medicine, SOAP (bath soap, laundry detergent – critical to own), knife sharpening, fire-starting, toothpaste or baking soda, vinegar, iodine, bandages, eyeglasses, magnifying glass, tire-plugging or tire-patching kits, a decent bicycle, small things that can make your life better.  A solar battery charger to charge a tablet computer to watch movies on, movies that you downloaded from the Internet.  Music – super important.  Books, all kinds of them.


14 Air Forces, 150 Warplanes & Mission Russia! US F-35’s Join ‘Biggest’ Multinational Arctic Drills As NATO Flexes Muscles.  For the very first time, the US Force F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jets are debuting in what is known as the Arctic’s premier military drill, the ‘Arctic Challenge Exercise,’ at a time of escalating tensions with Russia.

Over the next two weeks, more than two dozen US Air Force jets and tankers will participate in the drills, which began on May 29 and will last through June 9. The Arctic drills will feature 150 aircraft from 14 nations and take place at bases across Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Airmen from US Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada’s 414th Combat Training “Red Flag” Squadron earlier traveled to Lule Air Base in Sweden to work with the planners. This is the first time US F-35’s are taking part in these drills, with Italy, Norway, and the Netherlands all sending F-35’s as well, Air and Space Forces Magazine reported.

This is the largest military air war exercise in history, and Russia knows that the “exercise” can go live at any moment.

Walk with Yahuah.  He will provide your needs and for the saved, Heaven waits.

As Much As Is Possible, Live In Peace With All Men. As For The Others…


Reading today, I found myself thinking the following: When people get sufficiently angry over the Soros-appointed District Attorneys letting felons walk for crimes as serious as murder, the Soros district attorneys will be thrown out and attorneys with real teeth and backbone will be elected.

But by that time, all who stand for truth, with a biblical world view, who will fight with deadly force to defend the United States Constitution from the spittle and the swill pulling down the statues will all be classified as Domestic Terrorists.

The Department of Homeland Security teaches that Extreme right-wing groups are defined as those “who believe that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent … [and are] anti-global, suspicious of centralized federal authority [and] reverent of individual liberty.”

Well, yes, that is precisely what is happening.

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Welcome To The War