The Synagogue Of Satan: 3rd Interview With Andrew Hitchcock


Always remember that the Rabbis of Israel wherever they are on earth are anti-Christs.  They hate even the idea of Yahusha and demand that all who follow Noahide must renounce their faith in Yahusha.  These are devils, and many teachers teach from the Talmud, a book of death and darkness that is intolerable to Yahuah. Considering the push to establish Noahide around the plane of the earth, listeners here stand to gain exceptional insight into the dark pit of hell that is the synagogue of Satan.

03. The Bankers, Economics, Zionism; Deception [Broadcast]” from TFC Andrew Hitchcock Interviews (Feat. Andrew Hitchcock) by Daryl Bradford Smith.

The good news is that for many of us, the end is in sight.  Praise Yahuah for saving us.  Yet there is still much to be done and all of us need to busy ourselves part of every day sharing links, spreading information, encouraging one another.  Because the day is coming and is truly at the door when our freedom to speak will get us arrested and in some cases, executed.

The world is morphing into its end-time configuration.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse are riding – disease, war, famine and death – all are active and are currently overlapping.  Covid/white horse/Fauci; war/Ukraine/NATO/Russia; famine/wheat/drought/scarcity; death/Moderna/Pfizer/vaxx/heart failure/cancer/sudden unexplained death.

The Fifth Seal is key.  More on that eventually, because the Fifth Seal is directly pointed at the children of Yahuah.

Your Enemy Is Abundant, Local And World-Wide. They Are Anti-Christs And Therefore None Have The Spirit Of Yahuah. Would We Follow Them To Our Destruction?


I find it difficult to condemn the people running the state of Israel, but finding evidence and proof of world-class reasons to condemn them is easy.  I could strike them with the sword of my words and perhaps I should.  I think that it is within the Will of Yahuah that I present the evidence and let the proof speak for itself.  Whatever race of beings inhabit the state of Israel, they are not the Chosen Ones of Yahuah.

Yet many in great error hold these people in high esteem.

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Beware of Anti-Gentile Hate Speech – Israeli News Live


I am republishing this article, written by Janna Ben Nun, at the request of Steven Ben Nun.  He said that when he published this article, their website was taken down within an hour.  I believe him.  I too have seen years of my own work destroyed by my enemies.

I haven’t had time to read this because as soon as I had the opportunity I reposted it here.  I am sure that it discusses the anti-Christ Rabbis and their blasphemous Noahide Laws, which call for the execution of any non-Jew who studies Torah or has the testimony of Yahusha.  The same exact goals of Satan, as stated in Revelation 12.

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Sick Behavior By The Israelis. Remember That These Are The Budding Noahide Executioners.


This is how the “Jews” in Jerusalem are treating the Palestinians and Arabs in Jerusalem and other parts of Israel.  It is remarkable for its blood-thirsty tone.  The very recent assassination of TV News journalist (RT) Shireen Abu Akleh was boasted.  Ms. Akleh was a very good reporter and was well-liked by those who watched.  She was assassinated by an Israeli team while she and her news team stood in a street talking to citizens and preparing for work.

This is a special brand of hatred coming from the Jews.  Really upsetting.

One of the most disturbing chants reported by observers was “Shuafat is on fire.” This is said to be a celebratory reference to a monstrous episode of anti-Palestinian violence: the 2014 kidnapping and killing of 16-year old Muhammed Abu Khdeir. Jewish extremists beat him in the head with an iron bar and burned him alive.

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Sun-Day: A Day Celebrating Lawlessness, Supplanting The Sabbath With False Teachings


I watched this video at 3:00 AM because I kept waking up.  It is a disturbing series of video clips that make a powerful point.  And as I sit here typing this, I realize that the Luciferian World Economic Forum doesn’t have to use hypnosis or anything else to trigger the mass-murderers in America.  All they have to do is ask Satan to deploy one of his possessed ones.

It’s Daniel 7 – “When the power of the Holy people is finally shattered, then the end will come.”   The power of the Righteous is being diminished because there are fewer and fewer of us.  “Christianity” is a false religion itself, based on Salvation through Yahusha (which is valid) and “that’s all, folks.”  But that religion specifically denies Torah instructions, which Yahuah declared “forever” and “for all people – one Law for all.”

Therefore the basis of the religion called “Christianity” is Salvation and disobedience, or Lawlessness.  Yes, even their cornerstone.  The cornerstone of the religion called “Christianity” is lawlessness, not Salvation, because Salvation is shared as Truth with those who also abide in the permanent commands of Yahuah.  Those who follow Yahusha in the Way, believing on Him and keeping the commands of Yahuah.  We are the only target of the red dragon.  The division is Righteousness, which “Christianity” does not possess, because Righteousness is “obedience to the commands of Yahuah”.

This is why “Christianity” is powerless, fetid and dying.  It is a religion gutted of the power of Yahuah and based on one Truth, that Yahusha is Messiah.  Then they deny the power thereof when they willfully rebel against the very Yahuah who sent Himself to die.  Many “Christians” are renouncing ‘Jesus’, abandoning the “Christian” Sun-day church and joining the literally anti-christ and Lucuferian Noahide movement.

This is why Satan increasingly prevails and soon enough will claim his throne.  He will trample on the backs of billions of dead people to get there, many of them “Christians”, and most of them will burn.


Noahide Laws, American Anti-Semitism Law And The Jewish Execution Of Christians – Illegal Now To Discuss It


The war against Truth is coming from Israel.

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Two Videos, One Light and One Dark. Learn From Both. Satan Is The Prince Of This World. Yahusha Is Our Redeemer. The Battle Is Full On.


Couple of videos for you this afternoon. One is short, about 12 minutes, and great. It will enlighten you and teach you and make you wonder about things you believe and in general, give all of us some truth that expands our love for Yahuah. Its a good video. Continue reading “Two Videos, One Light and One Dark. Learn From Both. Satan Is The Prince Of This World. Yahusha Is Our Redeemer. The Battle Is Full On.”

Friday Sept. 27th – Jews Conduct Animal Sacrifice on The Mount Of Olives

Originally posted on September 15, 2019 @ 7:48 pm

At last, important events.  War is nothing, but animal sacrifice on the Mt of Olives?  Very important.  If you are not up to speed on the plots of the Sanhedrin (the religious leaders of the (alleged) Jews) to establish themselves as defacto rulers of the world, start right here. Or, in the “Search” bar, type “Noahide”, or click here for all Noahide content.

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School Helps Girl Trans To Masculine and No Parental Notification- Doctors Tell Dad He Has “No Voice In Matter” – Court Tells Dad “Do Not Speak Publicly”

Originally posted on September 4, 2019 @ 2:04 pm

This video, the crime it details, is only the beginning of the world current children will inherit from us. In this video, the story is told of a female child who is counseled by her school towards becoming a “boy”. The girls dad discovered this process accidentally when he was looking at her school yearbook. He saw her image above a different name, looked into it, and discovered that his daughter wants to be a boy. The school is assisting her with this, and never discussed it with the child’s parents. Not one word.

Further, the doctors currently injecting this girl with male hormones tell her father that he is not part of the process, that basically he can watch the state take his child and do whatsoever it desires to her, and he cannot even discuss it publicly or he goes to jail.

Personally, I would be shouting this from the roof of the courthouse and jail be damned, but he could subsequently lose his job, and then be unable to pay his lawyers.

If this video below is gone, let me know.  Youtube is as likely to block it as not.  I have a backup.

You have to decide what you might do in a case like this, and if you have children or grand children, you better start making decisions right now as to where you will go, how you will pay for it, what you are willing to do or to endure if you are going to resist the beast. Believe this brothers and sisters – the beast is on your front step this very moment. Soon, it will come crashing into your life like Godzilla. Suddenly. World-wide. An iron fist of laws stripping you of every meaningful right, freedom and option of privacy.

Just today Trump proposed that Social Media scores (ah la Communist China) be used to decide who can buy firearms. The horror accelerates.  Not because someone might not be able to buy a rifle, but because one must fit the governments template in order to buy.  That’s just a step from a system whereby one must obey (obedience is worship, to Yahuah) the Beast in order to buy food.

See where this is going?

And with the satanic perversion called Noahide Law, obedience to Yahusha is a capital offense, punishable by decapitation.

See where this is going?

And with Israel chumming up to Communist China on some huge IT deals, the Red Dragon will be able to identify all practicing Believers and present them for trial before the Satanic Sanhedrin in Israel for conviction/execution or for renunciation of Yahusha.

See where this is going?

The Pope Renounces The Divinity of Christ; Denies Being The Representative of Christ On Earth

October, 2019, (Same month as Event 201-Corona Virus rehearsal) Pope Francis stated bluntly that Yahusha (aka ‘Jesus’) was “not at all a God”.

Scalfari continues, “When I had the chance of discussing these sentences, Pope Francis told me: ‘They are the proven proof that Jesus of Nazareth, once having become a man, was, though a man of exceptional virtues, not at all a God.'”

Also denying Christ is Pope Benedict

Several links on a Google search page (shortened link):

And just two weeks ago, Pope Francis apparently denied that he is the Vicar of Christ, or plainly, that he is no longer the representative of Christ on earth.

An almost defiant gesture — one might say — in which Francis transcends every title. Or worse: an act to officially alter the Papacy, by which he no longer recognizes himself as guardian, but becomes master of the Church, free to demolish it from within without having to answer to anyone. In short, a tyrant.

May the significance of this most serious act not escape pastors and the faithful, for by it the sweet Christ on earth — as St. Catherine called the Pope — releases himself from his role as Vicar to proclaim himself, in a delirium of pride, absolute monarch even with respect to Christ.

Link, shortened:

The Pope might do this if he anticipates the Jews to select “the Messiah” soon, and if he intends to demand that Catholics renounce Yahusha and follow the wicked Noahide blasphemies.

Those of you who follow the Way, be prepared to stand firm in your faith.  be prepared to be renounced by people you love, to be vilified, arrested and potentially, executed.

Stand firm until the end.  The blessings and joy of Heaven await us.


Welcome To The War