These Days Are Difficult And These Are The Easy Ones.


Ecc 1:17  And I give my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I have known that even this is vexation of spirit;
Ecc 1:18  for, in abundance of wisdom is abundance of sadness, and he who addeth knowledge addeth pain.’

My life now. I know that many of my friends here suffer from the same sorrows.  In our wisdom, given through the Holy Spirit of Yahuah to all who are called to life, we grieve over the progress of the Seven Seals, and greater sorrow is to come.  We are obviously in the era of the Seals.  But we see these times as the fulfillment of the promises of Yahuah.  Every step the world slouches toward Gomorrah, we draw another step toward freedom and liberty and life and light and love and peace and joy eternal.  Continue reading “These Days Are Difficult And These Are The Easy Ones.”

Video: How Will You Use The Gift of “NOW”?


We live in perilous times, but we are all called to be champions.  We are given the ability to be champions and the greatest opponent we have standing our way is our own selves.

In these end times, I challenge you to rise up and conquer your self.  To exceed your greatest dreams, to face your very favorite fears – and to crush them.

Rise up and shine, my blessed friends.  You were created in the Image of Him, and you have His attributes.  Believe, endure and rise up.  Rise up. Continue reading “Video: How Will You Use The Gift of “NOW”?”