Faith, Baby!

As many of you know, I spent the last five weeks in a worst-case world. It involved several of my emotions, and those at the maximum level of performance. Anger, fear and love were all at the boiling point. It was truly terrible.. Sometimes I could only shiver, my whole body literally shaking in these small amplitude tremors, from my neck to my toes.

That is odd, actually. Have you ever experienced that?

But something wonderful happened. I was able to let go of all of it. Yes, it was still quite difficult, quite stressful, uncertain, hostile, sad… but I had a dream 15 years ago, and in that dream there were three little boys walking down a sidewalk in front of a house that was alone on that street. The trees were tall and evergreen, and there was a waterfall in the woods across from the house. A mountainous area, I suppose.

I drove first into the woods for no reason other than curiosity. Nice waterfall, and exit the forest road back onto the road.

Suddenly a rainstorm of biblical proportions struck. My truck was spinning wildly in the storm, and all I could see through the wind shield was water spattering onto it. Nothing but water and wild wind. I wrestled the steering wheel, trying to control my vehicle until a voice within me said “Let go.”

I let go, and instantly the storm stopped, as if it never were. And there in front of me were those three boys.

I knew that they were mine, although at the time I was not married and had no sons.

But I do now, and my sons are the same ages and sizes as the three in the dream. Exactly, down to the hair color and body build. They wore backpacks with earbud wires hanging out, tennis shoes, blue jeans, jackets and caps. The smallest one was in front – and I got to see him from the side. The smallest boy in the dream was identical to my 4 yr old son, Nate.

The point of the dream was this: We must learn to let go, and embrace the love and mercy of Yahuah. Particularly His mercy, which we often forget.

This storm that I just endured is the climax of that dream. The storm began before my first son was born, and lasted until yesterday. 14 years. Terrible storm. Ended.

It ended well. It ended well because of this: I believe that my Father loves me and has the best in mind for me. I believe whatever happens to me is for my good. Therefore, in the climax of the storm, I asked Yahuah to help me believe that, regardless of the outcome, it is His blessing to me and that I be grateful for that outcome.

That is what He did.

I am a fighter. I do love battle. I am aggressive, skilled in multiple forms of combat, and just as Daud cut off the head of the giant, so do I finish my opponents – decisively and and with prejudice.

But Yahuah restricts me in those things, and I am glad. Nonetheless, in this storm that passed, I had not yet begun to fight when it ended. Yes, I was engaged in the conflict but I had not even entered my powerband when it was over. Finished.

And that is where I had to let go. I could not continue the fight, and my primary weapons remained undeployed.

Disappointing, but the Will of Yahuah is merciful, and for His mercy I am exceedingly glad.

So today, the first day after the end of the storm, I find that my heart is light. Joy resides in me. Gladness exudes from me. I have peace, and real peace, for the first time in years.

Next time you face a difficult trial, let it go. Trust that Yahuah actually loves you, and that He is actually merciful and not a liar. Trust that, no matter what the outcome, He has the best in mind for you and nothing can overcome that. Nothing does overcome His Will, but I have learned from experience that we personally have outcomes and objectives that we personally want, and if we are stopped by some other person or thing, we get angry, frustrated and start praying “oh god, please help me achieve/obtain/get/win/escape/insert-verb-here”.

Well, if its not His Will, you will not receive it. So we must believe in our FAITH. Faith is exhibited by OBEDIENCE. Obedience means yes, we TRUST that HE LOVES us and is MERCIFUL.

Therefore, because Yahuah wants good for us, He will steer us toward GOOD, and we will get there IFwe DO NOT resist whatever He is doing by demanding that we want what we want. You know, forcing the situation. Being angry and then sinning in your anger by operating outside of TRUST, FAITH, LOVE and MERCY to and from GOD.

In all of our conflicts throughout life, He is with you if you are His child. He steers us and guides us but most of the time we simply demand whatsoever we demand, operating outside of His desire for us.

If you have lived long enough, you realized long ago that you create nearly all of your own problems.

Now you know why 🙂

Daddy loves you. Don’t argue with Him and do trust that He keeps His Word. That trust is obedience and it is credited to you as RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is very important for the outcome of your battles.


Reliable News Writer Dreams Horror – Crucified and Burned People For Miles and Miles

The following information was dreamed and posted by Hal Turner, a news writer that does a good job keeping on top of what is geopolitically important.  I was awake at 3AM this morning, and received his letter just as he wrote it.  It is not good.

Most of my subscribers are in good shape with Yahuah.  This is a warning to you that when the evil runs rampant on the earth, do not be dismayed.  These things must come.  Stop with the free-ride out rapture fantasy.  Ask the Syrian Christians about their recent “rapture”.  It came from the blade of a sword.

“It’s a Little before 2:00 Am EDT on August 7 2018

Tuesday, 07 August 2018 02:36

I am 56 years old and at night when I’m sleeping, I dream once in awhile like anyone else.I am not given to particular recurring Themes/Topics/Subjects in dreams and rarely do I even recall having a dream.  This, I remember.  Vividly.

It was terrifying.

I was in a vehicle.  I don’t know what kind, but it had windows on the side where I was, and my face was pressed against the glass trying to see outside.  It was daylight, but the air itself was darkish as if from a fog or smoke. It was very difficult to see.

The glass window I was seeing out of was wet, as if from drenching spring or summer rain, and it was smeared with a dark gray/blackish soot or something, making it much, much harder to see outside.

Objects in the glass were blurred by the filthy water on the glass and it was hard to discern what I was seeing.

As I looked along whatever “road” we were traveling, I could see light wooden-colored things along both sides of the road.

Farther behind them were gently rolling hills for as far as my eye could see, but with no grass or foliage or trees.  The ground was brown like dried out winter grass, and everywhere there were these thin black sticks.

I initially thought had been a horrible forest fire leaving only shriveled tree trunks for miles and miles.  Thousands and thousands of them!

There was smoke smoldering up from small fires that were still burning almost everywhere along all those hills, as if a great forest fire had consumed the trees for miles and was finally burning itself out.

As I struggled to discern what I was seeing, trying to understand this vast image, I looked at the light-colored objects closest to the road.  Something in my head said “Appian Way.”

I said to myself Appian Way?   Wait a minute, I’d heard that name before.  Appian Way, what is that place?  I know that name.  It’s . . . it’s . . . and I gasped in horror at the memory . . .

I looked very closely through the  glass and suddenly I knew what the blurred images were that I was seeing through the filthy wet glass: Crosses.

The kind they used to CRUCIFY people on!   

Terror struck my heart as I found a tiny clear spot in the window.  The “forest” that had covered the rolling hills for as far as my eye could see, but had burned in a forest fire,  . . . wasn’t a forest.  What I was seeing were BURNED CROSSES.

Hundreds, . . . no . . . thousands, . . . .no, tens of . . . . no, hundreds-of-thousands of them.  Burned into nothing more than thin sticks.

There were burned, shriveled people on them all.

The light, wood-colored ones nearest the road were new, they weren’t used . . . yet.  Weren’t burned . . . yet.

I was horrified.  I did not feel in danger, but rather that I was there to bear witness to what had happened.

Then, I woke up; gasping for breath and in a terrible sweat.

The dream/vision is etched clearly in my mind.  This is not the way things are when I dream.  Usually, I may recall a few bits and pieces of a dream, but this . . . this I recall in vivid detail.

I have told you folks  before that I am not a “Bible thumper” or a devoutly religious person.  I absolutely, positively believe in one, true Almighty God, whom I was taught is named YHVH, pronounced “Yahweh”  or “Ye Ho Vah” (Jehovah)

I know that Jesus, whom I was was taught was actually named Y’Shua, was of God and after he was Crucified, he suffered, died and was buried.  On the third day He WAS raised from the Dead by Almighty God in fulfillment of the Scriptures.

I believe he was the Son of God and died so that I, a sinner, can have a chance at Redemption and Salvation.  I have prayed to God and accepted Jesus into my life.

This is stuff I’ve known since childhood, from going to Catholic Church.

I don’t think about it much.  I don’t read the Bible often, but I HAVE read much of it.

There is nothing in particular going on in my life right now that has me thinking of God or Jesus or religion; certainly nothing that would lead me to think of Appian Way or Crucifixions !!

I haven’t read the Bible lately,or read any other books of any religious topic.

I haven’t seen any videos or movies that would even hint at any of these things.

I’ve never been to Italy and have no plans to go.

I cannot point to anything going on in my life right now that would even remotely set in motion this type of train of thought.  I am completely bewildered at having experienced this.

This is very strange for me.  And even stranger, I feel compelled to share this with you.

Of course, a slew of you are now going to think I’m off my rocker and ready for the men in the white coats. You may be right.

But this is the dream/vision I had and it has shaken me to my core.

Utterly shaken me to my core.  What I saw was death on a scale I never imagined possible, and the death was by Crucifixion and being burned on those Crosses.

Of this I am certain: It was NOT “Hell” that I was in.  It was here, on earth.  Very clearly here.  The rolling hills could have been anyplace; heck they reminded me of Pennsylvania.

In any case, the whole thing was Terrifying to me.  Utterly terrifying.

I don’t know why I dreamed this – or why I remember it so vividly, but there you have it.


I went on Google and did an image search for “hillsides of burned crosses” and found a couple images that give you an idea – but not the vastness- of what I saw:

It was kind of like this – the ground color is right, but not nearly enough crosses.

A thousand times more crosses over a much MUCH larger area – MILES AND MILES — would be more accurate.

And the sky in my dream was more like this color:

With smoke, sort of like this, EVERYWHERE:


Ken Peters – A Detailed Dream Of The End

Ken Peters was a wild, un-saved young man who had a dream. You will be blessed by his truth, and the sword he describes is the same exact sword I saw in my vision.

Ken had his dream about 20 years ago, and kept it to himself for a long time.  I’ve done the same.  It can be difficult to share something so powerful when you know many people will scoff at you and criticize you.

But the Truth must be told and you will be blessed by his work here.

Stay tuned.  I have a good teaching in editing and expect to publish it tomorrow.

We could use some prayers from those of you who worship Yahuah through study and obedience to His commands.  By doing those things, you become righteous, and the prayers of a righteous man availeth much.

My three-year old son injected himself with an EPI-pen a few days ago and vomited immediately and profusely.  Scary, but he was fine in a couple of hours.

This morning my wife’s mother put a chicken sandwich in her microwave oven –  for nearly an hour – and filled up her apartment with smoke.  She phoned my wife and told her that her apartment was full of smoke and she “did not know where the smoke was coming from.”

Last week, same mother-in-law dresses and went to keep her hair appointment – at 11:30 PM.  She phoned my wife to voice her surprise that no one was there to take keep the appointment.

She has some fierce Alzheimers developing in her brain, and we are going to have to move into a bigger house so she can come live with us.  Its very painful, because we live out in the country on the top of a beautiful hill with a lush, spring-fed canyon behind our house.  And I have 30 chickens that I love.  And a small garden.  And I can shoot my rifle anytime I want, and have a great camp built down in the woods.  Gotta leave all that, almost certainly.

And this afternoon, my 10-yr old son got into major trouble at his school.  He found a sprinkler head outside the day before, just 100 yards or so from his school, and put it in his pocket.  The next day, at school, he was playing with it and discovered that it unscrewed.  He unscrewed it and there was marijuana residue in it.  His teacher summoned the Principal, who summoned the police.

The police basically disregarded the whole thing, but the school is determining whether to send him to alternative school for the last few weeks of the year, or to kick him out of school completely.

Worse, he was right on the threshold of gaining admittance to Texas Military Institute, possibly the best private military school in the country.  General Douglas McArthur attended the same school, in the same location, and walked the same halls.

Michael is crushed.  He is a fine boy, probably genius-level IQ and super gung-ho.  One of his teachers got him on the Gifted and Talented program at his school, because she believes he is “possibly the smartest child in that school”.  He had no concept of “marijuana”, and was simply fascinated by the mechanics of the sprinkler head.