Two Videos – Ukraine’s President Zelensky Dances In Homosexual Dance Group; WEF Spokesman Claims They Have The Ability To Remote Control Human Beings Now. All Human Beings.


Ok, what we need to do is let Ukraine and Russia fight it out.  I have learned a wee bit more about Ukraine  in the last few days, and it does not seem to be a place or a culture worth dying for.  There is a lot that is disturbing about the following Zelensky video, as well as the many questions it raises about the people who voted for him and the people who work for and with him.

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Had Natsarim Been Tempted In The Garden

Adam and Eve were tempted by Satan in the garden.  Both rejected Yahuah and brought sin into the world of humans.  Prior to that, sin only existed among the fallen ones, because they disobeyed Yahuah first.  Had Adam been of the Natsarim, his decisions would have been different.

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We Are In A “Stand Firm Until The End” Situation

The Sabbath day.  A good day for all who walk in the Way.  As many of you know, we have chronicled the rising beast system, almost certainly a system that is governed by a burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) system, perhaps operating outside this realm or dimension after having been born using D-Wave computing technology.  Continue reading “We Are In A “Stand Firm Until The End” Situation”

The Alien Order Of Battle: Consuming Mankind Is On The Menu And The Communist Chinese Are Involved


Do you wonder what the immediate future looks like?  Are you curious regarding why there is such urgency to initialize local 5G and then 6G networks?  Have you ever wondered how the many extinct and mysterious civilizations were destroyed?  Did you wonder why, or what happened to them?  Do you have any personal experience with “space aliens”?  Do you marvel at the obvious advanced and unknown technologies that were used at Giza or the impossible Machu Picchu stones? Continue reading “The Alien Order Of Battle: Consuming Mankind Is On The Menu And The Communist Chinese Are Involved”

Jews Pick Messiah, Saudi Lusts For Temple Mount And Obama The Abomination Of Desolation? We Will Know Soon.

I want to get right to the Obama/Taliban Army/Anti-Christ connection today, but before I can dive into that, we need to review a couple of important items.  Continue reading “Jews Pick Messiah, Saudi Lusts For Temple Mount And Obama The Abomination Of Desolation? We Will Know Soon.”

FedCoin – The Digital Currency Of The Federal Reserve Bank And The Chain To Bind You

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Millennial Millie Arrested On A ‘Secret Indictment’ UPDATE – She Just Exposed Shadow Government

When I finished watching this video, all I could say was “Wow. Wow.”  As I watched this video and quickly tried to process the information that was coming into my head, I noted that my heart rate was climbing, and somewhere in the last 1/4 of the video, I began to become nauseated.

What you are about to see is disturbing on a visceral level.  It will make you sick at your stomach.  It will stress your heart.  If you pay attention and follow the information right to the very last second of this video, you will be stunned.

This information is information that we all sort of “know” at some level.  But this video names names, gives dates, gives players, gives motives and ultimately names the real power, the secret kings and princes who sell authority, who sell justice, who frame the innocent and who are wrecking, choking, and raping the United States and the world.

If you think your life does not reside on servers around the world, you are ill informed.  If you think your life is unimportant to these monsters, you lack understanding.  If you think that they lack the capability to make YOU think or believe “reality” that they create for money, you are completely ignorant of who they are, what they do for money, and how they do it.

This is no sex-slave information, nor is it a pedophile sting.  This is the Minority Report reality whereby AI is accumulating power for several corporate entities who sell presidencies, power, rule and control to whomever is willing to pay.

And when they are not working on behalf of a paying customer, they run the programs world-wide for themselves.  From creating Presidents out of nobody’s to rigging juries for sure-fire, guaranteed convictions, these shadow players force their will on entire nations and no one is the wiser.

This video was made by “Millennial Millie”, a brilliant conservative woman that I subscribe to on youtube.  Yesterday she was arrested on a “Secret Indictment” and put in jail without bond.

One of her investigative reporting partners immediately published this video to youtube last night, and I have my own copy.

Pray that Yahuah will free Millie.  She risked her life for the truth in order to help make our collective lives better.  Her children saw her arrested.  Her very young children.

She made this quick video as she was being arrested at her home yesterday morning…

And here is her movie.  Pray for her, because if you watch the movie, you will know that her life is in danger.

UPDATE: Was Millie Arrested Under The Evil NDAA 2012?
The NDAA 2012 authorizes the government to arrest anyone, anywhere, any time, for any reason and to hold them in prison forever without telling anyone that person was arrested, ever. Since Millie Weaver was arrested with no warrant, no written charges and based on a “Secret Indictment” that no one has seen, Dave Hodges speculates that this might possibly be the first US arrest under the NDAA 2012.


Government Studies “Vaccines” To Inject DNA-Changing Anti-God Chemistry

Suppression of religious faith is achievable via vaccination against it, according to the man giving the presentation in Dept. of Defense video ID number 149AZ2, given in Pentagon Room BC232. Continue reading “Government Studies “Vaccines” To Inject DNA-Changing Anti-God Chemistry”

School Helps Girl Trans To Masculine and No Parental Notification- Doctors Tell Dad He Has “No Voice In Matter” – Court Tells Dad “Do Not Speak Publicly”

Originally posted on September 4, 2019 @ 2:04 pm

This video, the crime it details, is only the beginning of the world current children will inherit from us. In this video, the story is told of a female child who is counseled by her school towards becoming a “boy”. The girls dad discovered this process accidentally when he was looking at her school yearbook. He saw her image above a different name, looked into it, and discovered that his daughter wants to be a boy. The school is assisting her with this, and never discussed it with the child’s parents. Not one word.

Further, the doctors currently injecting this girl with male hormones tell her father that he is not part of the process, that basically he can watch the state take his child and do whatsoever it desires to her, and he cannot even discuss it publicly or he goes to jail.

Personally, I would be shouting this from the roof of the courthouse and jail be damned, but he could subsequently lose his job, and then be unable to pay his lawyers.

If this video below is gone, let me know.  Youtube is as likely to block it as not.  I have a backup.

You have to decide what you might do in a case like this, and if you have children or grand children, you better start making decisions right now as to where you will go, how you will pay for it, what you are willing to do or to endure if you are going to resist the beast. Believe this brothers and sisters – the beast is on your front step this very moment. Soon, it will come crashing into your life like Godzilla. Suddenly. World-wide. An iron fist of laws stripping you of every meaningful right, freedom and option of privacy.

Just today Trump proposed that Social Media scores (ah la Communist China) be used to decide who can buy firearms. The horror accelerates.  Not because someone might not be able to buy a rifle, but because one must fit the governments template in order to buy.  That’s just a step from a system whereby one must obey (obedience is worship, to Yahuah) the Beast in order to buy food.

See where this is going?

And with the satanic perversion called Noahide Law, obedience to Yahusha is a capital offense, punishable by decapitation.

See where this is going?

And with Israel chumming up to Communist China on some huge IT deals, the Red Dragon will be able to identify all practicing Believers and present them for trial before the Satanic Sanhedrin in Israel for conviction/execution or for renunciation of Yahusha.

See where this is going?