Why are the Israelis massacring civilians in Gaza? Because they can get away with it.


Why are the Israelis massacring civilians in Gaza? Because they can get away with it

Michael Hoffman8-10 minutes 10/23/2023


Israeli forces terror-bombed Beirut throughout the summer of 1982. In the West in English there is exactly one book about it: God Cried by Catherine Leroy and Tony Clifton. The Lebanese have almost no memorial and certainly no museum devoted to the bombing of hospitals, schools and apartment blocks, just like now, in Gaza. The Israeli government is well aware of this forgetfulness and they calculate their atrocities and war crimes accordingly.
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Video: Efrat Fenigson Interviews With Bret Weinstein Regarding The Israeli/Hamas Collusion



One of the best conversations I have heard regarding the Israeli/Hamas collusion.  The woman is Efrat Fenigson, a former Israeli military intelligence soldier who had direct, personal interactions with soldiers and technology watching the border fences.  She knows the exact procedures mandated by the military training and order of battle protocols.

The interviewer is Bret Weinstein, who hosts the Dark Horse podcast.  A very well-done podcast that you will probably find mesmerizing.  Before you get all “chosen people”, listen to the facts from two people who only want to establish the truth.

You can find Brets’ video channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@DarkHorsePod



“Let Them Eat Cement”


While my anger slowly rises to a boil, enjoy this excellent post by Chris Heges.  Bear in mind that there was Israeli collusion with Hamas to let down Israel’s’ defenses to enable the slaughter of the defenseless Jews.  This is a setup.  There is the long game on process, with big, big goals for the Talmudists.  

Made in Israel – by Mr. Fish

Israel, with the backing of its U.S. and European allies, is preparing to launch not only a scorched earth campaign in Gaza but the worst ethnic cleansing since the wars in the former Yugoslavia. The goal is to drive tens, most probably hundreds of thousands of Palestinians over the southern border at Rafah into refugee camps in Egypt. The reverberations will be catastrophic, not only for the Palestinians, but throughout the region, almost certainly triggering armed clashes to the north of Israel with Hezbollah in Lebanon and perhaps with Syria and Iran.

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