Boom! MERCK Drops Vaccine Research. Says We Are Better Off Catching Covid-19.

Great news.  The giant pharmaceutical company MERCK just dropped covid vaccine research/production becausethey concluded that it is more effective for you to catch the bug, get over it and have the antibodies.

Just as we said here a month ago, the “Covid” virus panic is a giant, global HOAX.

Just as we said here a month ago, the man-made “Covid” virus is more population control, sterilizing men, than it is a health threat.

Just as we said here a month ago, the man-made “Covid” virus vaccine is more population control, destroying the placenta in many women and causing mis-carriages in many pregnant mothers, than the virus is a health threat.

Doctors have warned for months not to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

A healthy 50-yr old California man took the vaccine today and died within two hours.  Want one?  They’re free, I think.

We have stated for months here that the mask is totally ineffective in preventing the spread of a virus.  Ditch that MASK.

Look, I totally understand the reluctance of some people to stand up and fight, but when you have this much information proving that you should not wear a mask, that you should not fear the Covid-19 virus (still not proven to even exist), and that you should not get that any vaccine for it – then what are you waiting for?

You have a mind and you can obviously read.  I’m no doctor but I do have good common sense and thousands of doctors have been very upfront about the hoax of Covid-19.  You do not need permission to be right.  The doctors giving vaccines are just as frightened and intimidated as the people getting the vaccines.

As Michael Jackson used to sing – “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at your mask and make th’ change.”

Make it.






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2 thoughts on “Boom! MERCK Drops Vaccine Research. Says We Are Better Off Catching Covid-19.”

  1. For crimes against humanity to be dealt the death blow would it perhaps be necessary to have in place an alternative and unrestricted media otherwise how can truth prevail? Millions are being driven to an uncertain future by obedience to perfidious government and media hype.

    1. Yes, June. You are right. The blatant criminal intent of the most powerful and influential Americans is very sobering. Everywhere we turn we find active suppression of Truth, of freedom, of conservative and Biblical thought and opinion. The younger people coming up are mostly lost, mostly very lukewarm regarding Jesus, scared about tomorrow and willing to trade liberty for a false security. We are caught between the criminal elite and the larger population which supports or ignores them. We do not deserve help from God, but because He alone is good, and because He is merciful, He will help us. This Spring. Expect it. More later.

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