“Blessed is Yahuah my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”

I’m getting very depressed over the events transpiring in Washington, and in the Middle East.

In Washington, the so-called “Special Prosecutor” raided President Trumps personal attorneys office and home to see what he could find.  This seems blatantly illegal, because it violates attorney-client privilege.  This “privilege” guarantees that a person charged with a crime can tell all the truth to his attorney, and the government cannot gain access to it.

It also allows any person hiring an attorney to be honest in the details, which is necessary, and no court can demand that the attorney divulge the confidential information told to him by his client.

So the “Special Prosecutor” raids Mr. Cohen’s office AND home (Cohen is Trumps personal lawyer), and confiscates everything – paper documents, computers, cell phones and any thing else of interest.

Can you say “NAZI Gestapo”?  This is very bad for you and for me, because it sets a legal precedent, if allowed to stand in court.  And lawful or not, guess who now has Trumps personal legal documents/phone call records/emails, etc?

The communists, posing as Democrats.  If Yahuah does not make us a righteous nation, we are headed directly toward civil war, and it will be just as bloody, with an even larger body count than the Chinese or Russian pogroms of the last century.

Communist genocide in China can become communist genocide in America

Personally, it matters little to me.  I will fight until I am dead to preserve liberty and safety for my family, and then for the US Constitution.  I will deliver my very best on the battlefield against any enemy that seeks to deny my family the liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution.  And already, many, many laws and regulations inferior and subordinate to the US Constitution are in place and enforced by communist civil governors with guns in states across the United States.

They want to disarm and render defenseless people like me, and perhaps like you, because wholesale slaughter is “back on the menu, boys”.

Oh, and the Parkland, Florida “shooting”?  No obituaries, folks.  Not one  single burial , according to a computer database search of specific names and dates.  The researcher looked for all the names of the alleged dead from day one through 90 days after the alleged killings.  Zero results.

And the 70+ video cameras on that school campus… how much video have you seen?

But the steady “Get the guns.  Get the guns.  Get the guns…” comes from the communists.  They want you disarmed so they can round you up more easily.  As long as we are armed, genocide will be exceedingly difficult, maybe even impossible.

I prefer AR-15s over AK’s.  The AK is a fine city-fighting rifle, but I absolutely love what the .55 grain 5.56mm AR round can do to an enemy combatant.  It is such a nasty wound-maker that the Hague formally asked the US Army not to use it in war.  It is very small, very fast, and very, very damaging to humans.

If you have to defend yourself, this is a very good solution.  And let us not equivocate due to “fear” of getting on the “list”.  I’m on it.  I fit the left’s profile of “enemy”, no doubt.  Oh well…

As I pray with my sons each night, after the Lords Prayer, we recite Psalm 144:1 “Blessed is Yahuah my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.”

Some people tremble at the thought of fighting, and yes, it is an unfortunate option.  Some say that to ‘live by the sword” is to die by the sword, which is scripture.  But let me ask you, brave soul, would you prefer to live as a coward and die by wheelchair, or colostomy bag, or faulty pace-maker?

Yahusha (some call Him “Jesus”) commanded us to arm ourselves.  Why?  Was it to guard against squirrel attack?  No.  We are to defend ourselves.  THAT is why He commands us to ARM ourselves.

If we must choose between subservience to evil or combat against that evil, then better to die fighting, than to die yellow. Physical death has NO POWER for the Righteous sons of Yahuah.  We do not fear it, but we embrace it as a natural component of human life.  When my human body dies, I am FREE at last, and I will ascend to my Father who loves me and welcomes me.  He will avenge.  And He WILL.

Now for the bad news…

RUSSIA and CHINA Join Navies

China is combining its navy with the Russians in order to fight the USA if necessary.  Remember that war the Russians promised of the United States attacked Syria?

Listen, Trump stated that he wanted US troops OUT of Syria, and 48 hours later “poison gas’ was allegedly used by the Syrian government to kill Syrian children.

Does ANY SOUND MINDED person think that the Syrian government/troops would execute a poison gas attack when Trump JUST SAID he wants US forces out of Syria and that a poison gas attack is a “red line” for the USA?

It is preposterous to think that the Syrians would subsequently gas their own people
A) after Trump cited gas as being a ‘red line’ and
B) that he wants US forces pulled out of Syria.

But who stands to gain the most here?  Easy – Israel and the neo-con globalists.  I not a Jew-hater, far from it.  My name is Davis, which is from the English/British “Davies”, which was an idiom back in the day for the European “Descendants (or Sons) of David”.

So there you have it – I might be Hebrew.  And I genuinely might be, based on how much mercy my Holy Father Yahuah has shown me.  He saved me.

So it looks like the “Syrian gas attack” is a false flag event.  The Syrians did not do it, as there was NOTHING to gain and everything to lose.  Someone else did it, someone who wants the United States to destroy Syria, and someone who wants the United states to maybe destroy Russia.

But what might actually happen is the United states gets destroyed.

That has me feeling very blue.



Originally posted on October 10, 2019 @ 1:36 pm


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4 thoughts on ““Blessed is Yahuah my strength, which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.””

    1. Hands shedding innocent blood is murder, a direct violation of the Command that we shall not murder. This is also a capital offence and calls for stoning of the murderer. An accidental killing is viewed differently, with a city of refuge allocated for the guilty party.

  1. You and I believe and think alike, I pray that the Father helps me to stand fast , looks like it’s getting close to it.

    1. Hi, Jay. You’ll stand fast, don’t fear that. It IS getting close 🙂 Eventually, Russia and Iran will realize that nothing they do will prevent them from being attacked, and they will pre-emptively strike the USA. They have no other choice, other than surrender to the New World Order. I will not be surprised at all if:
      1. Yahuah destroys the United States with natural things like meteors, earthquakes and fire
      2. Nuclear strikes by Russia and EMP to shut down the power grid.

      I tell you, Jay, if you can understand the truth that I write, then you have a great relationship with Yahuah. We have nothing to fear, ever. Not one single thing. We are witnesses, Jay. We were always planned to be here during this time. It is His Will. Already my 12 year-old son is having prophetic dreams. He mentioned one to me Sunday, and he and I will sit down and discuss it today or tomorrow. It concerns Israel and “the country above it” (Syria). Syria is destroyed and Israel under severe attack with “three red lines” running across it (He dreamed of a map, and has no teaching yet on any of this, so its a valid prophetic dream.)

      Be wise and prepare for food shortages. Prepare for defense, medicine, water, fuel or transportation. If you live in a city, have some good neighbors, and remember that Yahuah calls us to worship Him. Let Him manage reality for you as you worship Him, being a living testimony to His divinity. I hope He comes today, Jay.

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