Bitcoin: A Safe, Private Digital Currency To Replace The US Dollar?


Guarding your money is a necessity now.  Inflation is absolutely consuming every cent of purchasing power that we consumers have.  A week or more ago, I stopped in a convenience store on my way to work and bought a canned coke and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with two of the large candies in it.  The total was six dollars and some change.  Six dollars for a soft drink that can be purchased wholesale for about .35 cents and a candy pack that probably cost .20 cents to make.  Nike used to make shoes in Malaysia for $4.75 and sell them in the USA for $75.00.

Things are cheap to make and there is zero reason for cokes and candy to cost that much.  It’s gouging, ripping off the consumers, calling it “inflation” because inflation is actually happening, just not in the carbonated and flavored water sector.  Water, last I checked, was still pretty cheap.

A couple of months ago my 18 yr old son, currently asleep on the couch at 9:38 A.M. on a Monday, came to talk to me about a product called XRP.  It’s connected to a software program called Ripple, and to make this very short, Ripple is potentially the underlying processing software for the BRICS nations replacement for the US-based SWIFT system.  Software that converts currencies automatically and swiftly between two trading nations.

It’s a crucial application (SWIFT) that makes it possible for the world to do business everywhere.  Ripple is intended to replace SWIFT for the Russians, N. Koreans, China, Iran and about 32 nations total.  If that happens, then the crypto called XRP will go “to the moon” as they say in the crypto world, making holders of XRP rich overnight.

That’s the assumption, but XRP looks more like shares (think ‘stock shares’) than money, and I am pretty sure the Federal Trade Commission will intervene at some point.  Hard to tell, because they haven’t jumped in yet.

My point is that our conversation piqued my interest.

I passed on Bitcoin in 2013 or ’14 when it was cheap at $300 per coin.  I didn’t understand Bitcoin or crypto, although I was definitely interested.  Instead of investing, I bought a Toyota 4-Runner, which I still have.  I plan to sell that 4-Runner and buy Bitcoin, which is at this very minute selling for $63,631, a nice increase over $300, don’t you think?

Thing is, even selling at $63,631 at this very moment, it’s still a good deal I think.  Bitcoin (BTC) only has about .1% of the market, and the market is huge.  Seriously, the market is about 1/2 the adults on earth, probably 1/3rd of the sovereign nations on earth, countless corporations, banks and other businesses.

How can I say this?

I can say this because BTC is money that is 100 percent mobile, 100 percent private, 100 percent transportable.  It cannot be corrupted, it is increasing in value every minute of every day.  You can buy it and/or sell it 24 x 7 with no restrictions or limits.  If you want to move from the country you are in to another country, bitcoin will go with you every step of the way.

If your bank seizes your cash due to some “national emergency”, you will likely never see that money again.  That cannot happen with BTC.  Banks do not have access to it.  No one has access except the holder, like you or me.

Bitcoin is capitalized in the market at $1.2 trillion USD

I’m just sharing my perspective with you here.  Anything can happen at any time and nothing is guaranteed except change, but I personally am very long-term Bitcoin.  What I have read and experienced, coupled with my understanding of the way the world works (including the Mark), Bitcoin looks very good.

I invest money in it frequently, and Bitcoin appreciates in value almost every minute of the day.  Sometimes it falls, so its up and down, but the general trend is up.  Remember that I passed on Bitcoin when it was available for $300 per coin, but the market is so big and the advantages of Bitcoin are so crucial that although we are at  $63,217.00 now (it fell $414 bucks, didn’t it?) I bought a significant amount (in dollars) last week at this price.

Honestly, with 94 percent of the “coins” mined already and the phenomenal performance of Bitcoin in the market, I can see BTC selling for six figures within a year.  As BTC increases in value, your holdings also increase at the same rate.  Its truly an amazing development, and the end of the fake paper money is at hand.  Bitcoins cannot be created from thin air like dollars can.

I subscribe to this guy:
He produces a news latter once per month that discusses the crypto market and some other things, and I pay $50 per month to read his information.  I think he just raised his price to $99.

Attached is a monthly newsletter that I got from him in January, and if you are interested in your money and ability to keep control of it, you might read the attached newsletter.


Also, please watch the video linked below.  The speakers name is Michael Saylor, and he is a remarkably prescient thinker.  He owns a company that only invests in Bitcoin, and he has accumulated a staggering amount of money from the growth of Bitcoin ($billions).  I watched the video yesterday and will watch it again this week.  It is very powerful.

I do need to know more about his company (Microstrategy), but I will get there in time.

If you want to look at a site where you can buy and sell bitcoin, go to

Just take your time and study it.  If you want to buy some or want to open a free account there, you have to go through the Federal “Know Your Customer”  BS just like you did at your own bank, so prepare your mind for that.

I signed up and bought $10 in BTC.  Then I let it set there for a week or two, then I sold five dollars of BTC and transferred that five dollars of the original 10 dollars back to my bank.  I wanted to see everything work, and it did.  Selling my bitcoin was instant.  Coinbase charges fees for moving cash and bitcoin, so be aware of that.

I subsequently invested quite a bit more into Bitcoin and love it.  My former spouse even got on the train and invested quite a bit, as did my two sons.

I know this isn’t Bible stuff, but we are watchmen, are we not?  I am warning you – the US dollar is worthless already.  Gold and silver are possibly good to hold, but I am selling my gold to buy more BTC and keeping my silver.  Why?  Because the silver is beautiful.  That’s it.  I like the clinking sound it makes and my bullion is silver Bitcoin 🙂

If you have any questions, ask.  I might not know the answer, but I can try to help you find it.  I cannot guarantee you anything other than I will always be open and honest with you, and that I seek and try to discover Truth.  Bitcoin could be banned globally by the globalists at some point in the future, but we should be able to see that coming.

Waiting for the snatching away,
in the name of Yahusha, Amen.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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