Bill Maher, Liberal Icon, Suggests Unity And Acceptance of Conservatives To His Liberal Audience

Bill Maher is a liberal comedian who has been on TV forever.  He is a liberal, which is problematic, but on his latest show Maher spoke on the importance of unity in America, unity between Americans, unity between liberal and conservative.  Interesting to listen to the crowd response as he did this show three days after election day.

It was a blessing to hear his words, and he is correct.

Bill Maher is correct, we do need to peacefully co-exist.  Yahusha requires that we love our liberal neighbor, and loving our neighbor is a much happier experience than hating them.

We followers of Yahusha in worship of Yahuah, we do love our neighbor even when that neighbor is, dare I say it – Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi.  Or the kids in Antifa, or abortion “doctors”.

The crimes of the left are nothing more or less than the crimes of the lost.  Are all conservatives saved?  No.  Do conservatives walk on water? No.  Conservatives are in fact no better than liberals.  We are all imperfect human beings.

I’m not speaking rhetorically.  We are all guilty of adultery because we have all sexually desired someone we were not married to at least one time in our lives.  I personally have hated entire classes of human beings (talking liberals here) to the point of wishing extinction on them.  What part of Yahusha is in that?

As Natsarim, we are of The Way.  The Way requires us to do good to those who persecute us.  It requires that we love those who hate us.  Yes, Yahusha commands that we be armed, but where does He command that we strike?  Even the disciples could not answer this question and asked Him in the heat of His arrest “do we use our swords now?”

So hating people is grave error, a direct and wicked act of rebellion against Yahusha, who died so that Joe Biden and George Soros could at least have a pathway to life should they choose to take that path.

Do not hate your enemy.  Have mercy on your enemy.  Remember that Yahuah is your master.  We are not free, but are in fact His servants, submitting ourselves and submitting our lives to His Word.  I personally believe that we are also within His Will when we defend ourselves with deadly force, but even then we are not required to defend ourselves.  It is no sin to simply allow wicked people to harm you.  Conversely, if the wicked attack another person, I believe it is sin if we do not intervene to defend the weak and the innocent.

If gang bangers want to kill gang bangers, I think that is just fine.  A tragedy, yes, but let the dogs eat their own entrails.

If you will, please pray for me, that I will love my liberal neighbors.  This might become more difficult, because although Bill Maher’s words are good, Satan is still driving the Left and all who know Yahusha know where things are going, politically.

Trump is the President and I believe Trump will strongly prevail in the election.  But the beast system is still rising.  Come January 21st, 2021, expect to see the wrath of the wicked poured out on America as Trump is sworn in.

Remember my vision – the flaming sword swinging down from the stars, and the words “I am coming to separate the righteous from the unrighteous”.  With great violence will that separation manifest itself.

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