Big Comet Visible Now – Are Many More On The Way?

How reliable are “sources”?  That can be difficult to quantify, but when they are correct, the information can be priceless.

Someone is bombing Iran, and there is a comet passing near earth this very night (July 21, 2020).  Comet Neowise has been visible in the east-northeast sky with the naked eye about an hour before sunrise for the past month. The comet, which NASA says could become known as the “Great Comet of 2020,” is going prime time, though, and this week it is visible in the evening sky.

You can get excellent comet data here:

As for any pending destruction from comets, I know for certain that my vision is true and that Yahuah is going to do some violent house cleaning.  The vision was of a flaming sword swinging to the earth from space, and the ROAR of that flaming sword was profoundly loud.  He comes to separate the righteous from the unrighteous.  Those are His own words spoken to me.

Therefore, a comet can easily fit that vision, and the separation of the righteous from the unrighteous will be immediate or swift, and the unrighteous are the ones who will die.  That sword comes for them.

In my vision, it was already on its way, so perhaps its arrival is just at the door.


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