Australian Medical Research Lab re COVID-19: “same cells that we see in influenza”

Nice bit of information coming out of Australia regarding the human bodies reaction to the Wuhan flu –

Apparently, it actually is the flu.

Four blood samples were taken from a woman in her 40s who tested positive for the virus in Wuhan in China, where the disease originated. The blood samples were taken both before and after her recovery, and researchers found an “emergence of immune cells in the blood.”

Laboratory head Katherine Kedzierska told ABC that the body responds to COVID-19 in the same way it responds to the flu.

“The immune cell populations we have seen emerging before patients recover are the same cells that we see in influenza,” she said.

This Wuhan flu does spread easier than most any flu we have experience with, but its less dangerous than the Swine flu, for example.  In the USA, we lose on average 36000 people every flu season, mostly elderly people, or people with bad health already.

More than 40 Australians who tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered, the Department Of Health said on March 18.

As of 6:30 a.m. on March 18, there were 454 confirmed cases in the country, of which 43 had recovered from COVID-19, according to official figures, and six, all aged over 70, had died.

Six died, all over age 70.

Here is a short Australian government Dept. of Health analysis of Corona virus.


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