As I Have Said Without Waver Or Hesitation: Donald Trump Is President. Enjoy This.

The prophecy: two simultaneous presidents, two impeachments, two consecutive four year terms As President – Donald Trump.  Yes, there is a God in heaven. Make some coffee or grab a coke and get comfortable, because this is great information. If you are like me, and are like many people in the United States, you have wondered how it is possible that Joe Biden, after winning about six states in the 2020 national election, got himself elected President.

As I posted earlier, Trump presented 72 voter fraud cases to various courts around the country, and 72 of them were refused for review by the courts.  Some of the remaining additional cases are still in process.  But 72 presentations and 72 denials.  The fix was obviously in.

Over the last two months, lots of information has accumulated that proves Biden was elected through criminal exploits.  Trump anticipated this for years, and was prepared.  I distinctly remember a Trump campaign speech wherein he said that sometimes you have to let evil run its course in order to capture all of the parties involved.

Incredible interview.  Just outstanding.

Joseph Biden

Biden gets sworn in in front of about 11 spectators who came all the way from the kitchen at the White House to stand there and watch Biden make a speech.  They didn’t mind because they were still on the clock.  There would have been 12 attendees, but the 12th got off at 1PM and was not allowed to remain clocked in for the speech, so she left to get a new tattoo.

Biden later walked to the White House with his wife, Ms. Biden, and the door was locked.  Someone had to let him in.

Meanwhile, the traitors in Congress, both Democrat and Republican, scramble in a mad rush to impeach Trump and ban him from office forever.  That will fail in a day or two.

Why Are The White House Lights Turned Out Every Night?

Why are the lights turned off in the White House every night since Biden was “elected”?  My guess is that Biden has the CIA in there planting listening devices, just as Obama did before he left the White House.  Trump left for two weeks in 2017 so the bugs could be found, removed and repairs made.  Currently, I propose that the lights are turned off, windows are covered with heavy cloth to block light, and the lights are turned back on so the bugs can be planted.  There is more than one entrance into the White House, some underground.

President Trump Is Still President

Imagine my surprise to be informed today that President Trump is in possession of the “Nuclear Football”, the briefcase chained to the wrist of a military officer always in near company to the President.  The nuclear launch codes for waging nuclear war.  Trump.  Florida.


I am informed that the military units in Washington, D.C. are under the command of the President.  Trump.  The President of the Republic.  That definitely explains why the soldiers in DC turned their backs to Biden as he rode in a car down Pennsylvania Avenue on his way to his 11 spectators.

I am informed that we are in fact under Martial Law, and it is the military which is running the show.  I am informed that Trump assigned command to the military in an executive order assigning management to the Military and not FEMA in the event of an emergency.  Since Trump assigned that authority to the Military via Executive Order and the military assumed that command, Biden, the President of THE UNITED STATES, cannot supersede that command or control.

Department of Defense Refuses Intel Briefings For Biden

Plus, the military will just tell Biden to shove it.  They know he is a fraud.  That is why the Dept. of Defense still refuses to share military intelligence, actions and plans with Biden.  This was decided in November, after the election.  The fraudulent election.

Apparently, and I have read about this for years, there is a corporation called THE UNITED STATES, legally all in caps, and The United States of America, which is the actual Republic.  Biden is apparently President of the bankrupt corporation, and Trump is in Florida playing golf with the nuclear football close at hand.

So who is President, then?

The prophet Kim Clement prophesied that we would have two presidents at the same time.  He also prophesied that Trump would prevail in two impeachment attempts and be President for two consecutive terms.

“They shall say ‘impeach, impeach, but nay”.
Twice. Two separate impeachments.

“They shall say ‘impeach, impeach, but nay”. Twice. Two separate impeachments.

If True, Trump Is Still President

I promise you I am not making this up.  I want to say “sure he is” and change the channel.  But I can’t because I am the channel and I suspect that much of this is true.  Lyn Wood also has information in this area that he is not telling, but his investigation of in regard to some different, and more wicked actions by some people.  He knows what he is talking about.

So Biden sits at a desk somewhere, presumably the Oval Office but perhaps a mock up, signing executive orders.  All day.  A different theme every day.  And where is Kamala Harris?  Where is she?

Gina Haspel, the former Director of the CIA, is apparently locked up in Gitmo, turning states witness in exchange for lenient treatment.  She does not want to be shot in front of a firing squad.

The Dominion server information apparently does show that Trump won 410 Electoral votes.  Never mind the Dominion $1.3 billion law suit against Rudy G.  Its all for show and Dominion will never set foot in a courtroom to prove Rudy wrong.

The Emergency Broadcast system is expected to notify the world that Donald Trump was lawfully elected president of the United states of America.  Not Pence, though.  He is out.


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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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