Artificial Intelligence And The Alien Order of Battle: We Are The Meat


Do you wonder what the immediate future looks like?  Are you curious regarding why there is such urgency to initialize local 5G and then 6G networks?  Have you ever wondered how the many extinct and mysterious civilizations were destroyed?  Did you wonder why, or what happened to them?  Do you have any personal experience with “space aliens”?  Do you marvel at the obvious advanced and unknown technologies that were used at Giza or the impossible Machu Picchu stones?  Answers matter.  “Space aliens” exist, and they seek to establish a domain within each of us.  Technology is their method, and eventually they plan to download themselves into our hijacked bodies.  They are making significant progress, and the various neural nets and Neural Links and 5G installations and cell phone technologies and many, many other technologies are racing to integrate humanity with “the others”.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is not artificial.  It is rather crude today, but soon enough it will become “Super AI”, a network fully integrated with your very own mind, in which the AI itself will be integrated with the entire world and will think for you.  That’s the plan.  Data will be transferred to and from the network to your brain instantly, with zero perception by the human that he is being driven by AI.  Your world will be whatever AI determines it wants your world to be.

Certainly the offer will be “eternal life”, countered by “or we chop you up for parts”.

A preview of the system being built this very minute.  Get ready.

If this video disappears, please let me know in the comments. I have a backup.

Reach the AI Organization here:

The producer of the video is obviously well-informed, but he does not seem to have any personal experience with the “aliens”.  His assumptions are all correct and I find very little to criticize regarding his conclusions.  He was an advisor to Donald Trump when Trump was in office and he supports creation and the creator.  He does not come across as a Bible hammer, which will help the folks who are not interested in Truth at least listen to the video.

He mentions the Red Dragon a number of times, and equated the dragon to China.  Impossible to miss that connection, for sure.  The Red Dragon is most likely China and like me, he wants to destroy the Chinese Communist Party.  Indeed.  Nuke them.  Today.  Every day we wait, they grow stronger and we grow weaker.

He has some very interesting comments.  One that I found interesting was his belief in or maybe knowledge of alien technologies that can intercept human souls enroute to just-conceived babies, the moment of conception, and imprint those souls with confused gender instructions or other bad data.  I wish he could elaborate, and I do find that hard to agree with, but there truly is a lot going on “spiritually”, outside of our ability to perceive it.  Maybe if the demons have the DNA of the male and the female who are making this baby they can calculate what a proper coding sequence would be in some cases to make wanna-be trannys develop.

I truly do not know, but I do know that at least some “aliens” can transform their appearance into human instantly.  They can look like whomever they want, I guess, and hold that appearance for at least five hours.  How do I know this?  I know.  I testify to you before Yahuah, who can cast my soul into hell, that what I say is true.

I also found interesting the necessity (and subsequent urgency) to install 5G everywhere.  5G is necessary to control armed robots and armed drones via AI.  AI will be the beast.  And maybe Elon Musk or someone like him will be the false prophet?  Elon Musk did teach that AI would kill us and that it had to be managed better, only to change his mind a year later and introduce Neural Net, if memory serves correctly.  Now he wants us fully integrated with the AI and he is also recently very chummy with China.  So yeah, maybe Musk is the False Prophet and AI is the Beast and China is the Red Dragon.

Incidentally, 5G was rolled right on out while we were curled up on our sofa during the lockdown.  Lock down.  A prison term.  Still, all of this does help illuminate the limits of Satan and his “aliens”.  Although they are certainly advanced in technology, they apparently have limits on what they can do and limits on how many there are.  Angels also restrict them, probably to a high degree.  In fact, maybe there is some stipulation by Yahuah to the demons or the satanic whatever-they-are’s that they must openly warn humans of their wicked plans.  Why not?  Satan cannot do these wicked things without the permission of Yahuah.

Satan does want to pervert mankind, purely to antagonize Yahuah.  There is nothing that Satan will not do in order to accomplish that, and this video and author do convey the scale of the Satanic effort quite well.  He does understand the broad scale quite well.  This isn’t some Boer war we are fighting, but a celestial war that ends with the complete demolition of earth and space.

As Richie From Boston likes to say, “So there’s that”.


“Cyrus, Your Findings and Analysis on the threats of China and AI Bio-Security, is Genius and will change the course of History. I took your report to the Military” July, 2019.  — CIA Director, Fmr Covert Ops


“Cyrus, I don’t think there is anyone in the world who researched 1,000 AI companies and concluded an Analysis that the interconnection between China and Western Tech Companies, with the combination of humanities Facial Recognition, Bio-Metrics, Drones, Robotics, 5G, Bio-Engineering, AGI, and a Digital Quantum AI Brain, threatens to social engineer, enslave, or possibly eradicate most of the world citizenry via China and Artificial Super Intelligence. Your Book is incredible and your many discoveries are amazing.” August, 15th, 2019 — Dr. Eric G. Frost, CO-Director of Nations First Interdisciplinary Homeland Security Program

“Cyrus, Your research, investigation, and analysis of AI threats to humanity and the interconnection between China and Big Tech is Genius, and deserves the support of the intelligence community, media and people from all walks of life. Artificial Intelligence Dangers to Humanity is very deep” Oct, 2019 — Michael J. Cooper, Secret Service/FBI Special Task Force


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karla altiero
karla altiero
2 years ago

Watch defense scientist lecture at west point dr james Giordano- the capacity of neural weapons is beyond belief! My question is can “they” manipulate minds for ex Trump without him being aware of it?

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