Are You Adjusting To The World-Wide Prospects Of War? To National and Civil War Starting This Year?

Originally posted on June 26, 2021 @ 9:21 am

People everywhere are feeling “the burden”.  I use quotation marks because this is a special kind of burden.  It is unique because this burden is of Tribulation-era magnitude.  Everyone feels it.  I do, you do, your neighbor does, everyone carries this burden.  We know in our souls that we are going to face the promise of John.

I find it difficult to write, and I am reluctant to even consider certain topics.  As we follow the commands and instructions of Ani and have the testimony of salvation through Yahusha, we know that peace is ours if we accept it, even in the most difficult of times.  Yet the burden of knowing is real.

It is so pervasive that I find myself not wanting to write any more.  I used to literally hammer the keyboard and loved the battle, but now that the darkness has gained such a strong hand, my heart seeks to avoid the painful acceptance of certain truth.

Our victory will not come from winning a shooting war against the living dead.  Our weapons are not our salvation by any means, although we will probably have to use them in self-defense.  Let that sink in.  “Probably”.  You.  Shooting people in self defense.

Food is going to be difficult to obtain.  I’m telling you that FOOD WILL BECOME DIFFICULT TO OBTAIN.  We, you and me, are going to lose weight.  Medicine will be much more expensive than it already is.  Obtaining fuel will be something to be celebrated, rather than taken for granted.

I think that what triggered my melancholy this week is the obvious realization that Satan is driving his agenda into the “final push” mode.  The standout feature that got my full attention is this: Extermination has begun.

Remember that Joe Biden, the completely false “President” of the United States elected through the most widespread election theft in world history, wants 70 percent of Americans injected by July 4th.  There is nothing patriotic here regarding July 4th.  The reason the fraud Joe Biden wants 70 percent of the people injected by July is because bodies are going to start hitting the floor at an accelerating rate in July.  People who got the injections in January, or whenever the injections started gaining traction in the American population (Or Australian or Japanese – plug in your own country here) are going to start dying faster, in greater numbers.

By August 2021 it will become increasingly difficult for the government to lie about the injections being safe, as doctors and non-doctors worldwide start seeing the obvious – injected people are dying at an alarming rate.  Its easy to calculate, too.  One only needs to know whether or not individuals are injected.  Then, of all deaths in a given month or week or day, how many died who had been injected compared to deaths of uninjected?

One must also consider a few variables, mostly one must pay attentention to how many people in a given area are known to be injected.  You need that number.  Example: a city of one million people has 54 percent of people injected.  “People” is everyone of any age, with a lower limit of 18 years old.

If the rate of death of the injected exceeds the rate of death of of the normal, uninjected subset of the population, then obviously the injections are the culprit or cause of death in higher numbers.  People can quibble of this and cite other “causes” or variables, but that’s mostly just jabber flonkey.  People love to talk and we all have opinions.

The people serving Satan in this matter do not want anyone to know that the injected group is dropping like flies.  But I am rather certain that by this time in 2022, Americans will be dying by the millions.  I think I can prove this to you very simply.

Remember my article on the website  Deagle recently removed their population calculations, but I have screen-grabs of their projections and published them last year and as far back as 2013 (wiped out by a hacker during the Hillary Clinton campaign for President (may she rot in hell).

What I want you to see are the population figures declining for the United States.  What I want you to understand is that the population decline estimated by is 5/6ths of the population.  Only about 56 percent of the population has been injected, but if only 1/2 of them die we still loose 90 million people.  And the military wants all members injected.

My point here is that America cannot stand.  If the projections, based on real people and real causes of death, hold up, America is finished.  It will seem as if America was injected with a magic “nation killer“.  If the numbers hold up, we cannot win any war against our most powerful enemies, who are offshore waiting for us to bleed out.

Do you see this?

We are quite possibly a national “dead man walking”.  Our future is sealed, regardless and you must come to grips with the reality that the First Seal is open.  Very soon, probably in the fall of 2021, the Second Seal will open and global war will begin.  War will mean national and civil war.

What are you going to do and with whom are you going to do it with?  You need friends.  They need you, too.  These Seals will come very fast and with increasing world-wide destruction.

Note: The USA is at the bottom of the list, with a 2025 population of 54,325,300, a DECLINE from the current 323,990,000.

According to, America will magically lose 269,664,700 people in the next four years.

I think Mr. Deagle (spelling is different from his website) is trying to warn us, not threaten us.

You see, the mRNA shot has been experimented with for decades.  In the animal studies, when injected with the mRNA chemistry, some animals died but most lived.  The problem came when the animals were exposed (RE-exposed) to the disease that the mRNA injection was supposed to prevent.

In many of those re-exposures, 100 percent of the animals died.

100 percent of those animals died.

Does that sound like an accident?

The Guarantee

There is no hope for the lost.  If you have not accepted Yahusha (Jesus), as your salvation, do so now.  Obviously the Word (the Holy Bible) is the book of Truth and it is obvious that Jesus is real and that He is who He always said He is – the Son of God and the salvation of mankind for all who follow Him.

Accept Jesus right now and begin your journey in the Way.  Read the Bible, pray without ceasing and obey the teachings of God and Jesus.  You will live forever in peace with countless others in Heaven.  

Death is certain for all life in the next few years.  Since you are 100 percent guaranteed to die soon, don’t you think you would benefit from eternal life in heaven rather than hell?  Do you really want to reject such a magnificent offer  of real life from your very own creator? 

He forgives every sin for those who surrender to Him.  You are no worse than I was.  You are no worse than King David was.  God knows your sufferings and torment.  He invites you to peace in Him now.

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Shabbat Shalom
May you and all who read these words find Peace
on the Way, That Narrow Path with the straight gate.

Welcome To The War
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