Are Most Christians Lost? Does Satan Also Believe Yahusha is Messiah?

Some interesting topics.  This discussion is between you and me.  It will be a great one to listen to through headphones when you are going to sleep.  But headphones or not, this is oriented more to non-Torah obedient.  If you are “just not into this whole Torah thing,” I’m going to ask you some questions that you will find disturbing, and I’m going to use scripture to give you some direction that you also might find disturbing.

Its good.  From time to time, we all can use the discomfort provided by the Scriptures, especially when it is disturbance coming from the very mouth of Yahuah.  Those who cannot yield to the Words of Yahuah are only alive for a short time, and after that, the second death awaits.


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5 thoughts on “Are Most Christians Lost? Does Satan Also Believe Yahusha is Messiah?”

  1. Very good Jerry. I am sharing with my stubborn Christian friends. The deception is an extremely tough stronghold. Thank you very much for what you do in spreading YAHUAH’S Truth ! Natsarim brotherhood.

    1. Thank you, Jerry. My Christian friends are stubborn, too. Sometimes I think that we in the Way were specifically called and chosen for this life, and that those who do not “get it” are simply not among the chosen. Not that we are elitists in any way, but that we were tapped on the shoulder by the Holy Spirit who whispered to our souls “Follow me.” And we did.

  2. Right on point, Halleluyah
    Wicked, means the ways of man.
    YHWH requires us to participate in his 7 appointed times as well,
    this is in Torah, and this is right.
    The day of atonement is this coming Wednesday.
    Then the last is the Sukkot / Feast of Tabernacles
    Please check it out and research what these are about.
    Natsarim means grafted into the house of Israel.
    Peace and Shalom

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