Apostle Charles Turner III – Beware November

I just found this fellow last night, and loved listening to him. He is someone that I would definitely live to meet and know. Powerful, intelligent, a man who loves Yahuah.

Charles Turner III has a video page here.

Watch this and listen. November is looking to be a very, very bad month for America, and if its a very bad month for America, it is a very bad month for Americans. That is you, me, people we love and people who will need help. To get through the coming judgement, we will transition from stand-alone citizens to men and women who are part of a group of believers. We will form small churches, worship together in homes, and probably keep a low profile.

In all of this, the Will of Yahuah dominates. So let us listen to Him, love one another, forgive continually and have a good attitude about whatever comes. We are to be content in whatever situation we find ourselves in. Remember that. Contentment – its a requirement, a command by Yahusha. Fearless – another command by Yahusha. Merciful – a command by our Father. Peace loving – a command by Yahusha.

I love you guys. Although I will never meet most you on earth, I know you are special men and women. You are the salt of the earth. Behind you is the strait gate and the narrow Way. We have nothing to fear and much to do. Remember – you are a lamp of Truth. You, through obedience to Yahuah, set the standard that many among the lost will see as a living testimony, a human worship machine :). Know Torah and live it now. Read, study, know the terms and what they mean. “Righteousness” is obedience to the commands of Yah. Obedience requires knowledge and understanding. Be as perfect in your faith (which is righteousness) as you can and pray for more understanding and courage.

For the children of Yahuah, everything is precisely as it should be.


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4 thoughts on “Apostle Charles Turner III – Beware November”

  1. Hummm, have you ever pondered the fact, that the only people who seem to get these sort of dreams, are those who are still yoked to the church system ? Those who have not embraced the ‘terms of the Covenant ‘…. hummmmmm.

    1. My daytime, fully awake repeated-three-times and spoken to aurally (soundwaves) by Yahuha vision took place 14 years before I could even spell “Torah”. Yahuah has children in many situations. Yahusha stated plainly that He had sheep “not of this pen”, and none of them would be Torah observant. The scriptures also plainly state that among the gentiles there are many who obey the commands of Yahuah from the personal inclination of their heart. I was powerfully body-slammed into the filling of the Spirit of Yahuah in total ignorance of even the possibility of such a thing the very first night I ever picked up a Bible to read it (age 19 – about 41 years before I knew what ‘Torah’ was, and on a night I was sober). Those who teach that only Torah observant sons of Yahuah will be saved are either ignorant or liars. Those are the ones to guard against, Kate. One of my dearest friends is so adamant in teaching that only Torah observant will be saved that he eventually turns against everyone. And no way will he listen to the God he claims to follow, who values mercy more than sacrifice. By the standard my friend sets, so shall he be judged by Yahuah. I hope he is found to be perfect, but that will not be the verdict. Will he be counted among the saved? Sure. He has the testimony of Yahusha. But his pig-headed judgementalism robs him of the gift Yahuah gave him, and of his joy and of his peace. Torah obedience, those of us called to do so and who respond with a “Yes”, are called into a powerful ministry, the very ‘elect’ who are unable to be deceived. Our responsibility is to make sure that the Truth is told when anyone claims to speak Truth. We, the Natsarim, are the guardians of the Truth, and we are merciful and we love the sheep and the goats.

      Thank you, as always, for your thoughts, dear Kate.

      1. I also was one who was given visions long before Yah called me out of ‘christendom’, and fully agree that HE has those who love Him, whom are still within the walls of buildings. ☺. However, I do find it extremly interesting that those who are still within the ‘system’, are the ones receiving these dreams/warnings about what lies ahead….why is this so…..?

        We both ‘know’ that obedience carries the blessing….
        We know that Yahweh is constantly reaching out to those who seek Him, those who are seeking for more… aka His Kingdom (His government, His rule) even if they do not understand what it is they are craving…they just want more…and to those whom are seeking, He will reveal to them His Covenant and the terms thereof..
        however….there is a ‘however ‘…… a ‘however’ that only Yahweh can reveal….

        Much Shalom my friend, and stay strong 🕎 psalm 1.

        1. Maybe the weaker brothers and sisters speak of these dreams and visions more simply because there are many times more of them than there are Natsarim? Maybe those dreams and visions matter more to them specifically because their faith is weak and they therefore need more fuel to the fire?

          But Kate, the bottom line is that Yahuah will call whomsoever He will call. People will dream dreams and have visions, and people will study His Words and obey His commands. The great end of all things will come and we who are saved will worship our Father in His kingdom, in peace, and joyfully and as completed beings with the very spirit of our Father living within us unencumbered by the temptations of a fleshy mind and the overwhelming numbers of lost surrounding us. We will be free from sin for ever, and we will live in real peace forever, and we will look upon His throne to see His glory forever, and we will always want to be right there with Him.


          Love you Kate,

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