Another Trusting Child Dies From Advice Given By Her Parent And Mandated By Her Government


This was an easily avoidable killing.  The daughter of a doctor in Australia died in her sleep.  Her mother, who is the leading medical doctor in Australia, is a persistently nagging enforcer of Australia’s “get injected or starve” laws.  Certainly her daughter trusted mommy and certainly she got all of her biowar injections, as mandated by the seemingly demon-driven Australian government.

The daughter died at home in her sleep yesterday, apparently with zero “symptoms” and a complete surprise to everyone.  I weep for her mother and her father.  They must be ripped apart inside as it slowly dawns on them that the injections killed their precious daughter.  Live by the sword, die by it.  The girl went to sleep on her last night, and died.  Hmmmm…  At this point in time, everyone who is paying attention knows the injections kill people.  Not all people, but very many of them.

Listen, there comes a major push to get everyone on earth injected, especially the most technologically advanced nations, because those are easier to control.  Technology is the chain that is used to bind us.  Cell phones, tracking technology, jobs, mortgages – all used to control us and gain our submission.

Things are right on the cusp of getting exponentially more serious with the World Health Organization expecting to have the USA take the knee by treaty in a few weeks.  Then the wolf will truly be at your own door.  Have kids?  Have a job?  Have some bills?   As I told one of my close friends two weeks ago, the NWO is coming with teeth this summer.

Trusting Yahuah is our only hope.  You will come under attack, regardless of your position on anything.  The NWO will install its anti-christ ruler.  You will be required to submit or die.  You will be required to be injected or die.  You will be required to renounce “Jesus” or die.  So the net effect is we will either die following Yahusha or die following Satan.  Death (or in some cases removal by Yahuah) is the hallmark of the tribulation.  Get right with Yahuah, and do so today.  Read your bible and abide by the commands of Yahuah and Yahusha (aka “Jesus”).

Top Australian Doctor Who Pushes Covid-19 Vaccine Loses Only Daughter While in Her Sleep

JIM HOFT2-3 minutes 5/15/2022

Australia’s top doctor and President of the Australian Medical Association South Australia, Michelle Atchison, was shattered following the unexpected death of her only daughter.

Dr. Atchison announced on her Twitter account Thursday the unexpected death of her 26-year-old daughter, Caillin.

According to a now-deleted Twitter post, Caillin died on Wednesday while in her sleep.

“The light in our life has gone out. My beautiful and only daughter died yesterday,” Dr. Atchison tweeted.

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“She never woke up. It was so utterly unexpected and my husband and my hearts are shattered. I really don’t know what to do,” Atchison added.

There is still no information on the cause of Caillin’s death.

Dr. Atchison became the public spokesperson for nurses and hospital staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the Daily Mail.

She was critical of South Australia easing its border closure on November 23, warning the reopening would place further strain on the health system.

She also presented the latest report into South Australia’s healthcare system that revealed a crippling shortage of healthcare staff and beds in hospitals.

Dr. Atchison also advocated and encouraged people to take the Covid-19 vaccination.

Border Watch (AU) reported:

Australian Medical Association SA president Dr Michelle Atchison said vaccinated individuals were still able to contract COVID-19, but less likely to experience serious symptoms and hospitalisation.

“If you are vaccinated and you get COVID, you are likely to have a serious type of illness and are very unlikely to require intensive care,” she said.“

If you are not vaccinated, you run the risk of requiring a ventilator or having high intensity care and the reality is that in an outbreak, the regions can’t manage that. “

We recognise there is a very small chance of serious side effects, but it is a safe vaccine and we encourage people to take it.”

Last month, Atchison responded to a tweet saying that health care workers should be on the list for 4th vaccine. /2022/05/top-australian-doctor-pushes-covid-19-vaccine-loses-daughter-sleep/

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2 years ago

This may sound harsh, but people like her would never allow themselves to admit that the shot had anything to do with her daughters death….she will go on pushing the stupid agenda….
Every shop i visited today had the agenda playing over the airways….its on every radio station, and on the stupid tel- lie- visions that they have in stores…
There are signs on government buildings …and fences….that say ‘get the true facts about vaccines’ ( in their attempt to counteract the real truth) …
And we all know what their version of truth means….


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