Another Major Insurance Company : Their Data Shows The Vaxx Deaths Are 1000 Times Greater Than Published CDC Data


Insurance companies are perhaps the smartest, best run companies in the world.  Many of them are literally hundreds of years old, and they employ the best statisticians on earth.  To survive and prosper, insurance companies must be able to correctly accumulate relevant data and parse that data into meaningful information so that insurance can be profitably offered at a cost to the buyer that is reasonable.

Accuracy, then, is essential to their lives.

Therefore, when an insurance company as large as the ones we discuss at speaks out against the “official numbers” regarding vaccination deaths, we take note.

Here is a comment on their findings –

NEW – Large German health insurance company analyzed data from 10.9 million insured individuals regarding vaccination complications.

“According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 visits to the doctor by our policyholders because of vaccination complications to be realistic to this day. Extrapolated to the total population, this value would be three million,” says BKK board member Andreas Schöfbeck in a report by WELT.

“The numbers that resulted from our analysis are very far away from the publicly announced numbers. It would be unethical not to talk about it.”

The new data is an “alarming signal,” adds Schöfbeck.


Other major/large/rich insurance companies report the same things:

Summation of Major Insurance company corporate group policy Loss Ratios (Death Claims) Q4 rate vs 2019 rate:

  • Unum $UNM +36%
  • Lincoln $LNC +57%
  • Prudential $PRU +41%
  • Reinsurance Group America $RGA +21%
  • Hartford $HIG +32%
  • MetLife $MET +24%
  • Principle Financial $PFG +37%

Those are DEATH CLAIMS, readers.  DEAD people.  The increase from projections, the most accurate projections on earth – blown out from injections of poisons, toxins that were tested on animals a decade or more back in time and which had a 100 percent mortality rate, which extrapolates to about an 18 month average injection-to-death cycle, if I remember correctly.  Some will die in days, some in years, but on average in 18 months.  So these percentages will increase as more people were injected each month for months, and then tapered off.

The Findings Of The German Insurance Company

From January to August 2021, for example, around 217,000 of just under 11 million BBK policyholders had to be treated for vaccination side effects – while the Paul Ehrlich Institute keeps only 244,576 side effect reports based on 61.4 million vaccinated. “According to our calculations, we consider 400,000 doctor visits by our insureds due to vaccination complications to date to be realistic,” Andreas Schöfbeck, BKK board member, told Die Welt. “Extrapolated to the total population, this figure would be three million.” Thus, the number of vaccine side effects would be more than 1,000 percent higher than the PEI reports.

Schöfbeck cites the reporting system as the main explanation for the massive discrepancy. Physicians often have to report vaccination side effects in their spare time – a time-consuming activity that then goes unpaid. “It is simply impossible to report everything.”

With his analysis, Schöfbeck turned to a wide range of institutions – from the German Medical Association and the StiKo to the Paul Ehrlich Institute itself. He said the figures were a “strong alarm signal” that “absolutely must be taken into account in the further use of vaccines.”

Let me repeat that for you:

Thus, the number of vaccine side effects would be more than 1,000 percent higher than the PEI reports.

We are being slaughtered by design.  It is their INTENT to plant the seeds of death into us.  The First Seal.


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