An Email From A UK Subscriber Who Has Lived Through Some Difficult Times

I found this in my mail in October 2020 and it made me smile.  I think you might like it, too. 

“Hi Jerry, see what you think of this.

I’m going back to 1984, my son had just got married and due to a distressing family situation I found myself unable to cope with it and teach full-time, so I resigned. I needed peace & quiet to cope.  I was drawing unemployment benefit and cleaning for friends to make ends meet.

My benefit was not due until Friday and this was Monday. Lying in my fridge was half a pound of streaky bacon and six muffins to last me to pay day. I stood with the food in my hand and said to the Lord, “Bacon but no eggs, it’s a good job I’m not kosher!”

The following morning I let Mac my dog, out into the garden.  I had built a kennel and made him a big comfy orange cushion to sleep on.  Suddenly all hell broke lose, Mac was frantically barking at his kennel and a hen was sqawking back at him form inside. Rushing out I dragged him inside and waited until he calmed down, then I went outside to investigate. There on Mac’s cushion  lay two newly laid eggs! The Lord, “Bacon and Eggs Gill.” I was speechless.  I never saw the hen again but every morning one or two eggs sat on Mac’s cushion; she laid me sixteen all told.

The following day I was reading a Christian magazine which related how Christians were hiding in the river caves from the Contra Gorillas in Nicaragua. Unable to forage for food, God sent them rats carrying vegetables from the surrounding fields to keep them alive!  Needless to say I was amazed at His love and provision and thanked the Lord for His grace to them, and myself.

It was now Wednesday, and before anything else, I took my morning tea back to bed for my quiet time with the Lord. Turning to my daily reading 1 Kings 17, in verse 4 – 7, I read how the Lord sent ravens to feed Elijah during the drought. Now, the Lord really did have my attention; so I said, ” Okay Lord, you haven’t sent me a hen just because I said, ‘Bacon and no Eggs!’ He replied, “You must know that I can feed you outside any human hand being involved.” I cried out‘When am I ever going to need to know that?!’

We now come to June 2009; friends having picked me up from the station, asked how my garden was doing and especially my neighbours hens, which more or less lived in it. I complained that although they spent their days there they never left me any rent, not one egg! After being dropped off and walking down my lane past my open greenhouse, I decided to close it up for the night, turning into the gate, there in the very middle of the lawn was the largest, whitest egg, I have ever seen! Open mouthed, I heard the Lord say, “I haven’t forgotten Gill.” 

As we enter into this time of tribulation and coming famine, many of us may find provisions running very low and come the day when the cupboard is bare you may be tempted to take the ‘Mark of the Beast’ in order to feed your little ones, please don’t do it.  Jesus is well able to send you provisions like the Christians of Nicaragua and Elijah and myself.  Trust Him, he is faithful to his own.  God Bless.

God Bless
‘Time to Prepare’
Artist & Illustrator

Like Gill implies, life is not a game of collecting possessions.  The first thing is to know who “God” is and then to follow His teachings.  Some teachers teach on the blessings of prosperity, especially financial prosperity.  Personally, I suppose financial prosperity is OK as long as money does not become more important than Truth.

It does take money to get by in this world, but it does not take nearly as much as people think.  Money will never save you, or build you a home in paradise.  Money can become a chain to bind you, and I have seen that happen many times.

Yahuah does bless us.  He takes such fine care of me that all I can do is praise Him.  He totally takes care of me.  When I have nothing, He meets my needs.  When I have abundance, He walks with me.  He is my life, my friend, my teacher, my Lord.  His authority is complete and He loves.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
2 years ago

Dear Jerry,

I want to thank you very much indeed for your kind as well as thoughtful answer to my recent first message on your intriguing blog.

Your recommendation of this particular website about being your own medical doctor was truly useful to me adding to my existing knowledge since I stumbled on some bits of valuable information I hadn’t previously been chewing on.

May our Father in heaven shine upon your path leading you to truth !

Yours kindly,


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