“Aliens” Aren’t Alien At All, And There Are Many Of Them Here. Prepare Your Mind For Sudden Shock.

More information on “aliens”, or fallen ones or demons.  We will certainly see a lot more activity in that realm.  A famous Israeli General, who currently is a professor in Israel, says we (USA and Israel) have written agreements in place with the “aliens” and that we (they, not we) have extensive experience with them.

Now you know why everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

Info on the Israeli general.

Steven has a page here.

This is an interesting video.  “Aliens” are here, although they are from earth and not from a galaxy far, far away.  Odd, I suddenly have a thought that we are on the edge of revelation pertaining to these “aliens”.  Like its imminent or something.  Maybe aliens are fallen angels, but if the fallen ones were imprisoned, then maybe aliens are actually biological creations of Satan.  Certainly he would need some help in his quest to become worshiped as god if his fallen ones were imprisoned.

The document that Steven refers to is quite interesting, and I obtained a copy for you to download here: THE-TRUTH-ABOUT-SECRET-SPACE-PROGRAM-pdf

Satan is smart enough.  This might explain why cows and sheep are sometimes found with specific body parts removed with laser precision, and no blood on the scene.  Satan would need body parts for the genetic and cellular structures if he wanted to build some humanoid bots.

But the shape shifting… (I know, it sounds crazy.).  I know at least one human being who was an employee of mine in El Paso, TX in 1993 who transformed from a petite blonds woman into a mottle-skinned “grey” alien in maybe two seconds.  It happened in the span of time that I spent looking at the door of my apartment and back to her.  That fast.

And we were face-to-face.

We eyeballed each other for maybe six seconds as I processed what I saw.  The classic mean and nasty countenance, patchy skin of dark and lighter gray, two holes for nostrils, narrow mouth (which I did not study) and those eyes.  It was the eyes they got my attention.  What I saw was textured, not smooth like ours.  It was flat black, and dimpled like a golf ball, and I had the distance impression that it was scanning my mind.  Seriously.  Maybe Yahuah told me that, because my memory is “It’s scanning me”.

I jumped up, ran to the overhead main illumination switch, slapped it on and turned back to “it”.  “It” had become my employee again, and I ordered her to go to my car so I could take her home.  She complied, and she never said a single word.  Not a sound, and when I got to her cul-de-sac, she got out and walked away alone in the dark.  I took off and never looked back.

Demons will rule with Satan here, soon.

When I got back into my apartment, located on Mesa Blvd., I went straight to my knees and prayed “Dear God, if you are real I will follow you because it would be crazy to do otherwise. Amen.”

That was one of the prayers that radically changed me. There are two more that maybe someday I will write to you about.  All three were far more than I could physically manage, and the alien transformation, while seemingly the wildest, was not nearly as spiritually impactful as the other two.  The other two were sledge hammers.  The alien thing was just to show me what we are up against, and that I was on the threshold of hell.

I remember that my apartment stank when she and I got there.  She was a very forward woman and I was a very sinful man, so I took her to my place after work one night.  When we went into my apartment, it smelled like a stack of corpses was in the place.  It was a nasty, wet, rotten meat kind of stench.  But it wasn’t my apartment that reeked because I ate out every meal and my refrigerator didn’t have anything at all in it, not even ice.  I was there on business for a few weeks and worked 12 hour days.

She didn’t seem to notice the smell, which was both odd and fine with me.

After years of pondering this, I concluded that satan makes “aliens”, builds in networking capability and manages their mental stuff with AI.  They are everywhere and report everything.  They are smart, mostly due to AI.  I doubt that they eat food, and probably have some kind of power cell.

Its just a thought.

But they exist, regardless.  She changed from human to grey to human again in maybe three seconds, maybe less.  It happened.

Yahuah let that happen because He has a purpose for me and He knew I would tell the truth to you.  I am warning you now that the alien thing is real, and that they are here to swallow us alive.  I mentioned the shape-shifting because guess who else can change their form?


Which makes me wonder if aliens are fallen angels after all.

I had a dream years ago of my mother dying and a woman in a golden gown greeting her on the other side.  In the dream, the woman turned to look directly at me, and she also had large, almond-shaped eyes, much like the aliens we see.  But the woman was dressed in the most elegant gown made of gold lace, and she was beautiful, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

And she turned her head and smiled directly at me.

This dream happened before my sister, Laurie, died.  My dream of my mothers death was a future event.  When I had the dream, both my mother and my sister were well and healthy.  I didn’t know who the woman in the gown was in the dream until  a few years later when Laurie did die.  One night washing dishes, I had an epiphany.  I looked up from the kitchen sink and bam!  “That was Laurie” popped out of my mouth.

So the almond-eye thing disturbed me a bit, because I had the alien adventure about four years prior to that moment and about 3.5 years before Laurie died.

That’s all I have to say about that.  Laurie smiled at me in that dream.  Pay attention here.  She was still alive on earth, but looking at me and smiling from the future.  The death of my mother and Laurie greeting her took place 19 years later, yet Laurie smiled at me in that dream as if she knew a wonderful secret.  She was so happy.  She was radiant.  It was the eyes.  And her hair.  Wow.  It was wrapped up on her head like a big crown.  It was incredible, like spun gold.

No matter what happens in this wild world, we are going home soon.  We are going to walk right into heaven, one step away from this world.  We ARE going home.  We WILL be happy there and we will never remember the hardships and losses of this life.  We will be free to LOVE in heaven.  We will ALWAYS hear and speak the truth in heaven.  We will ALL know that daddy is IN THE HOUSE and that He LOVES US.  We will love each other.  We will want only the best for one another, and we will be gracious to one another.  Peace will greet us wherever we go, and whenever we return.  He will be so glad to have you home.  He hurts for us and Daddy wants us home.  That is His heart for you.  Home.


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3 years ago

That was a very enlightening video – one of his best.
The technology combined with the chip in the ‘syringe’ will be their ultimate weapon to bring humanity into servitude to satan.
Thanks so much for uploading it xx

3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

Yes, a very powerful climax…yet very tragic..
To say that it saddens me is an understatement…
It must break Yahweh’s heart to see humanity rejecting His gift of redemption, and even more so, those who will not receive a love for TRUTH… 😢 they will not accept the terms of The Covenant 😔….yet they will accept these abominable fallen ones disguised as ‘aliens’!
And yes, the hatred will be extreme!!!

I seem to alternate between extreme sadness on one hand, and righteous indignation on the other….

Stay strong

3 years ago

The ‘watchers’ (fallen angels) were bound for 70 generations (if I remember correctly).
There has been speculation that this ended in the the later 1800′, and thus, would explain why cars, planes & other “inventions” came on the scene…..and now technology, the www, etc etc .. especially the advancements in the past few decades…years…!
Its all fallen angel inspiration…..its ‘their’ information.

Stay strong . Much Shalom !

3 years ago
Reply to  Jerry

Yes, I do try to stay up to date re: ‘gates to hell’…ahem!
I personally believe that this is it! If you need “it” to buy and sell etc, then that kinda says it all…..
I know a lot of people would probably disagree….but that’s okay. Its all about choice. xx

Welcome To The War
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