Update to “ALERT: Trump Makes Announcement At Alamo, TX”

Live feed on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgGcy-qWy8s

Let’s guess what he is going to say at 2PM Central time.

  • No concession
  • Remain in office
  • Arresting the guilty

2:40 PM – after the speech… Nothing special.  He complimented the wall construction and suggested that Biden not screw that up.  Sounded like a good-bye speech.  Then he left.



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4 thoughts on “Update to “ALERT: Trump Makes Announcement At Alamo, TX””

    1. I pray that you are correct, but either way, IN or OUT, war is underway and will escalate. The anti-christ system, the beast system, satan is making his big push now. Its “game on” and time to enslave the planet. Personally, I will be glad to see it end, but I think I want to go out fighting.

    1. You mean to log into youtube in your own account? I think you go to google to set up the account, and then you can have a youtube account. But you do not need an account on youtube to see youtube videos. You only need a youtube account to post videos, comment and like/dislike vids.

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