Alert: ProtonMail Lied About Not Keeping IP Addresses Of Their Users

ProtonMail, an encrypted email service, told me and the entire world that they did not keep IP addresses of ProtonMail users from day one.  This is very important for your security.  But when a Swiss court last week demanded the IP address of an “activist” who used Proton, Proton immediately provided that court with the IP address of a user under investigation by some law enforcement agency.  Link at bottom.

Proton obviously lied about not retaining IP addresses, and they did quickly  change their user agreement – I checked.  Still, encrypted mail, the content, the stuff you and I write, is encrypted at your end when you write it.  If you send that email to a friend who DOES NOT use Proton, that email is NOT ENCRYPTED unless you password-protect it when you write the email and before you send it.  Very Important.

If you send that email to a friend who DOES NOT use Proton, that email is NOT ENCRYPTED unless you password-protect it when you write the email and before you send it. 

Logging In To ProtonMail

When you log into ProtonMail, you will notice an “Open In TOR” link top/right in your browser.  Click that and wait a bit for TOR to open.  This, so they say, will hide your IP address.  I still use a VPN to hide my IP from the Internet, but I will also use the TOR option.  Why not?

I just sent an email to all of my ProtonMail users with this information in it, and want the rest of you folks to have the same information.

We are in a war now.  Its real and we need every shoulder to the plow.  We all need to make a lot of noise now.  We better get in the streets and show the satanists that we mean deadly business and that they are our KNOWN enemy.  We are not blind to them and they must go.  They must be arrested and if proven treasonous, hung by the neck or shot by a firing squad.  The death penalty for the leaders and the collaborators.

Its serious and you better get serious too, or it will be us in the gallows.  Already many of you are dying slowly from the injections.  Only God knows what poison they put into your bodies, and you allowed it.

As for you strong ones, the uninjected, the Non-GMO pure ones, good for you.  Smart.  Cautious.  Healthy and whole.  Continue to stand.  The injections will kill more people than all wars combined.  That is one of their goals.  That is why the rush and hysteria to get as many injected as quickly as possible.  They have to hurry before it becomes obvious to even the drooling stupid among us that the injections are made to kill people.

I might make access here by subscription only.  Not sure and I do not want to because the Words of Yahuah are here for the lost and the saved to learn from.  Maybe a portion of my work will be by subscription only.  Don’t know yet.  Probably not.

Email Service ProtonMail Hands Over Private Data of Activist to French Authorities, Resulting in Their Imprisonment



PLEASE PLEASE --- CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION NOW. FIRST. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is almost certainly in your SPAM folder, especially if you use GOOGLE.

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8 months ago

With all the lies and deception going on in the world.
I do hope you and yours are searching for forgiveness on this
most holy day, Shabbat Shuva.

Peace and Shalom

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