ALERT: Charlie Ward And Team Anticipating War Immediately, as in Today.

This has my complete attention.  I am reluctant to provide this information today, but there is a strong sense of urgency in me to do so now, to not wait. This does dovetail with the 15,000 soldiers being moved to Washington, D.C. today.  I think it is credible.

Jan. 7th, Trump came to Texas for safety.  He is now at Camp David.  Word is DIA does have Pelosi’s notebook.  Expect the unexpected.

Insurrection Act I am told is in fact signed.  Cannot verify that yet.

Dana Coverstone’s prophetic dreams are all over this stuff.  I have a page for him here.

Listen to his dreams in Sept, Oct and Nov.  Maybe also December and January.

More later.



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6 thoughts on “ALERT: Charlie Ward And Team Anticipating War Immediately, as in Today.”

  1. Very interesting listening…I watched another video of Charlie and Simon….are you aware that their truth is not the same as ours?
    They are excited because they are expecting their ‘helpers’ to arrive .
    (Those who have their origin in Enoch 6)

    Stay strong and much shalom

      1. Unfortunately, yes. (A bit sad eh!)
        They seem to be switched on as to what is happening, this is why I listen to them 🙂 plus they give insight to what the other side is up to 🙂

    1. Alan, it worked for me at the link you sent. Here is the link that it took me to:
      When it says “Format not supported”, it sounds like it might be your browser, although the file format is mp4, which is the most common online video format. If you can watch youtube videos, you should be able to download and run this one.

      Right click on the link and see if you get the option to download. Some browsers offer that feature, and some do not. I use Firefox because it has great tools that I use every day. On the other hand, Brave Browser does not give me that option, and I use it most of the day.

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