Alarming Vaccine Enforcement In Israel and More On The Canary Island Earthquakes

Steven Ben Nun is rather excited. Maybe “alarmed” is a better word. Israel is going all in on forcing all of Israel to submit to the injection, and the volcano in the Canary islands is allegedly producing lava, according to his sources.

I do have another source on the Canary Island volcano, and it does indeed seem as if the earthquakes are getting closer to the surface of the island. I think the movement is around five miles deep and rising, which is indicative of a potential blowout. My source (also below) thinks the risk of widespread harm from a Canary Island blowout is low, based on the positions of the earth quakes relative to the higher mountain/volcano cone. The earthquake activity is in the lower land area and does not seem to be moving up the mountain/volcano today.

That could change, certainly.

I thought that you might want to listen to these and draw your own conclusions.

Steven Ben Nun

Magnetic Reversal News

As in all things, Yahuah governs.  Those of us who walk in the Way need not fear the first death.  Ours is glory in heaven with our Salvation.  Our life is assured.  If you are not saved, then simply lay down your life to Yahusha and acknowledge Him as your salvation, then follow the commands of Yahuah.  You need not be perfect in your obedience, but certainly you must sincerely follow the instructions of Yahuah.  Yahuah knows your heart, and He knows who does actually worship Him as He requires.  Do what daddy says.  He knows best.



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7 months ago

Thanks Jerry for posting. Israeli’s should be free to say they must keep Kosher and cannot allow pollutants to enter into their veins any more than they can allow pollutants into their stomachs. Vaccines having been developed by human, animal or insect DNA is not Kosher and putting nano particles into peoples veins that will change their DNA is diabolical, and is against the law of the God of Abraham.

Any leader who demands such a compliance is doing the work of Satan and this is the time for battle because to do that is to rise up against the Creator and the battle of the Great Day of God the Almighty must begin this year as I have intimated before . It was 50 yrs ago our Sovereign Lord Yahoveh again brought His Firstborn into the inhabited earth (Hebrews 1:6). On that day the Son of God named Emmanuel meaning With Us Is God (as foretold in Matthew 1:22; 23) was caught up to heaven (as Revelation 12:5). On and since that resurrection the angels of God have been commanded to do obeisance to him as he is now King and High Priest who is to rule over earth after the battle conquest. And His saints will rule with him as Revelation 5:10 prophesy.

If you read Luke 1:42 Elizabeth the cousin of Mariam (Mary in English) was inspired by Holy Spirit to call out ‘Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. as recorded in Luke 1:45. On that day it was revealed there would be a further fulfilment because there was to be a complete performance by another woman who in a future time would hear from Yahoveh and believe. That person is writing this.

These prophesies have been fulfilled as it is written not as this world interprets because all interpretation belongs to Yahoveh God (Gen. 40:8). I don’t write according to any interpretation but according to what was told to me and in accord with what came to fulfilment of prophesy. I don’t write or speak according to my own interpretation or anyone else’s interpretation but according to the word written by the prophets and spoken to me by Yahoveh my God.

If someone would listen the battle would begin. I must tell ‘very important people’ about these facts but first I need someone to verify the truth of them by coming with me to the one witness who was also spoken to on the same day I and my mother were spoken to. My mother and I also spoke with Yehoshua on that day before the messenger spoke with my mother after I fetched her from where we were staying.

7 months ago


7 months ago

Tero-G50083 ( Strongs Concordance )
1) to attend to carefully take care of
a) to guard
b) metaph. to keep,one in the sate in which he is
c) to observe
d to reserve: to undergo something.

Peace and Shalom

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
7 months ago


I love waking up early on the Sabbath when the house is completely quiet, all of my kids are still asleep, to a cup of Joe and blog or podcast.

I have a cousin who is living in Israel. Unfortunately, my cousin and her husband are directly integrated with the UN under contract to Catholic Church missions to inoculate Israelis with the death serum injections. It is my belief (I have no data other than connecting the dots) that they are participating with the formation of the one world government. Whether they know or not of their participation is also an unknown on my end.

Her job deals with operations in Ethiopia and Kenya, and she travels back and forth to those countries from Israel.

I am sure their lives are interesting, but to not know they themselves could be playing a significant role in de-population efforts and participating unknowingly in the initiation of the one world government is a strong possibility.

I think my role is to pray for them.

With best regards,


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