A VERY Pertinent Vision Of Sudden, World-Wide Destruction And Cannibalistic Madness

Originally posted on December 11, 2020 @ 12:45 pm

A couple of years ago a young man who was lost, an unsaved boy, had a dream that terrified him. He wept uncontrollably as he told his parents what he was seeing. He was 16 years old and as he sat at the table weeping, he could still see the uncontrollable wickedness that is coming.

His vision is horrifying.  If you listen to him very closely, you will get a complete picture of what human life is like when Satan takes the throne on earth.  You will understand that demons will be worshiped as gods, and those demons will stalk the earth.  Demon worship will be the religion of the entire world, and it will be exactly what the demons desire.

Note that he also says two men, like shadows but real, stand watching in approval of the cannibalism, one taller than the other.  This might be the “Beast” and the False Prophet.

This is a vision that you must remember.  Your lost friends must hear these words.  Bookmark this page in your browser so you can send it quickly when you have a chance, because very soon those demons will openly walk the earth.  In this boys vision, Christians were hunted as food.  In fact, all animals were used as food.  Clearly, famine will stalk the planet.  Humans everywhere will eat the weak, and the strong will hunt Christians to the pleasure of Satan, who will also stand upon the earth as its king.

Look at the rise of China, and the unspeakable corruption of governments everywhere.  Lawlessness rules the world.  It is all about power now.  There is no good in this world.  Money and power, and soon – Satan.

Please pay attention – The world is so close to war that it would rattle your bones to know how close.  Already the war is being waged in ways that we can barely understand, but America is under a massive, coordinated and well-planned attack from multiple enemies.  It is very bad and everything is at stake.

Texas Lawsuit Before The Supreme Court – Battle Lines Are Drawn

Look at this map of litigants in the Texas lawsuit VS the swing states.  Red indicated Conservative, law-abiding leadership.  Blue represents the opposing leftist attorneys general of those states who have joined the fraud states in their defense of the lawsuit.  The United States is drawn into two opposing sides, and the consequences are extremely important to the saved and to the patriots.  If the liberals prevail, if the Supreme Court allows the voting fraud to stand, America is finished.  Dead.  Your life, your religion, your freedom to speak, to worship and eventually even your freedom to even buy food will be under tight control.

And worse is still to come if Harris/Biden take the Oval Office.

So listen to this boy sob as he recounts his dream to a believing man, who had the snap to record it.  The man is not the boys father.  The boys mother could not console her son, who was seeing this vision while wide awake, sobbing deeply, and his mother either brought him to this mans home, or called the man to come to her home.  The man speaking is saved.  A follower of Yahusha.

Rapture believers – the boy mentions that Christians are hunted as food, but he never mentions a “taking away”.  The Christians who are hunted might be you and me, or it might be people who realized after a rapture that Jesus really IS Lord, and accepted His offer of salvation.  I do know the Bible says plainly that the Red Dragon (some translations only say “Dragon”) will come specifically to kill those who keep Gods commands and are saved through Jesus.  Read the scripture here.  Read more on the dragon here.

Satan would not personally show up to kill us if we were gone.  He would probably know if we were taken.

But not necessarily.  Yahusha could take us in the madness of what is to come, because the boy says that the madness in the world comes suddenly.  Volcanos, tribal cannibalism, demon worship.  It has to be a complete insanity world-wide.  So if the demons cannot direct the demonic humans to locations where Christians are because the Christians were taken in the chaos, then it stands to reason that Satan would show up to take charge of that operation.  The verse does not say that Satan/Dragon is actually successful.  Nor does it say that he fails, only that he comes to kill all of us.

I have more that is just as disturbing, more immediate and already happening.  Stay tuned for that in a few days.  I can’t get it done today.

Closing, please pray for your families.  Pray for your parents and your children, pray for your neighbors and for the rule of law.  Pray for strength and wisdom.  Pray for reliable weapons and reliable friends.

I love you, and I am fighting for the Truth.  When the time comes, I will also fight directly against opposing forces.  Pray for my bolt-carrier-group.  it’s going to get hot.

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MarSea Amani
MarSea Amani
3 years ago

There is a difference between an intentional cannibal, someone who plots, plans and has an avowed lifestyle of cannibalism and these new incidences of nice people who suddenly, after two weeks of “personality changes” and not due to bath salts or other street drugs loses sense of self and consciousness and growls like an animal. Austin said he felt like half man, half dog. I think it is deliberate interference through RNA technology, which also is a nano technology with the capability of remote control of the persons biology

MarSea Amani
MarSea Amani
3 years ago

we know that mRNA contains animal DNA and fetal tissue DNA (other human beside your own) and we know that the pandemic of auto immune diseases is a result of injecting foreign DNA into your baby. or yourself as a child. And we know that two species blended is a chimera. And we know that the research that supposedly leaked out of a lab in Wuhan was searching for a weaponized “gain of function – chimera* version of the common cold. failed, could not get it to survive outside the body. The only way to infect is to inject. psy ops: Theater Act 1 : stage a big drama in an animal market in China – make people fear a virus and they beg to get injected with it. And as you know about post vaxx shedding, stay away from ppl vaxxed for at least 2 weeks. so, with animal DNA included in this new “vaxxc” what can you imagine would be result? Been noticing an increase in zombie apocalypse movies? heard of predictive programming?… Read more »

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