A Short Comment On Liberal Values. A Reminder That The Left Is The Enemy At The Gate, In The Courtyard, And At The Polls.


This is a simple reminder, and a short one, that the left is essentially a perverter.  The Left exists to break down order, to break down fidelity, to break down law and reason, to break down faith, to break down personal dignity, to break down cultural strength, to break down liberty, to break down freedom of speech, to break down ability to fight back, to break down every single thing that makes the people of America strong.

If a civil was is to be fought in America, it must be every sound minded adult VS the known, practicing leftists.  They don’t wear uniforms or have a common flag.  But they have common attributes.  They come in all races, sizes and colors.  They drive broken down old cars and new exotic cars.  Some are police officers, some are local politicians, some are pastors, some are teachers, some are neighbors.  All revile Yahuah, all revile the commands of Yahuah, all are motivated by hate for the cornerstones of conservative faith in God.

You can bait them into revealing their real skin with topics of abortion, homosexualism, trans-sexualism and others.  In your common or typical daily processes, start identifying the liberals that you see most often.  It will pay off in the future.  Disbelief in Yahusha is not a marker. Many are lost but still have decent, biblical values.  Hatred for the commands of Yahuah is a marker of a leftist opponent.  They will hate the values established by Yahuah.

The people who want to censor us for spreading “misinformation” and “disinformation” are the biggest disseminators of lies. They want their censorship powers to expand because they need to protect their own deceptions.

The ones who said the 2016 election was stolen by Russia Russia Russia are the same people claiming the 2020 election was perfectly legitimate.

The ones who said the Covid “vaccines” were 100% effective are the same people suppressing studies showing the jabs kill and banning doctors who let the cat out of the bag.

The ones who said Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation are the same people claiming Donald Trump is selling top secret documents to our enemies.

The ones who said Antifa and BLM rioters were mostly peaceful protesters are the same people who want people ushered into the Capitol Building by the police to rot in the gulags indefinitely.

The ones who say climate change will kill us in 10 years are led by the same people who said climate change would kill us in 10 years in the 1970s. And 1980s. And 1990s. And 2000s. And 2010s.

The ones who say small towns on the border should be able to handle thousands of new illegal aliens daily are the same people who said Martha’s Vineyard was overwhelmed by 50 of them.

If you say anything that’s true, controversial, and against the narrative prescribed by the powers-that-be, you will be silenced at all costs.

The only way to fight the lies is with the truth. That may sound like a simplistic statement, but I’m finding myself shocked by the number of patriots who won’t participate for fear of being canceled.

Do not let malaise make you weak.  It is good to have faith in Yahusha, but He commands that you arm yourself for good reason.  We cannot continue to live in peace with nor give room to the wicked.  They broke the peace long ago.

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