A Sabbath Question: Will Control Of Islam Lead To The Abomination In The Temple?

“Peace and safety” they will say, and sudden destruction comes upon them.  Is this the result of a contest for power between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, both which burn with lust for power in the Middle East?  There is possibly the power play of all power plays taking place between the two major Islamic players in the Middle East, with the Temple Mount in the center.

Turkey wants to establish the Islamic Caliphate and Saudi Arabia wants control over all of Islam.  Each is capable of succeeding, but only if the other fails.  Peace and safety will be widely proclaimed, and then the slaughter.

Ponder these things, my brother Enoch.


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9 months ago

hi Jerry,
Great podcast, Please keep doing them!
Kind regards,
Brendon Naylor

9 months ago

Thank you
I was unable to find the MP3’s link.
Peace and Shalom

David Knollhoff
David Knollhoff
9 months ago

When I red this post, I thought of loyalty. Islam is powerful in the sense that it is a deep loyalty of the believing Muslims to their theocracy systems that provides it strong influence across the world. Here in the US we are not loyal to maintain the freedom, liberty and happiness given to us by our Heavenly Father. We no longer raise our voice but cower to the government. So, it begs several questions. Am I loyal to my Lord my Heavenly Father and His Law the Torah first? And then I am loyal to our US Constitution within the secular system we live here on Earth? If I was truly loyal to the Torah and the US Constitution, I would be out in the streets voicing my disdain of government and all of their lies and untruths they live in. A quote I recently heard. “We are losing our nation and our nation is losing us.” What are We the People, the Patriots and first and foremost the Torah believing Yeshua trusting disciples of God going to do now that we know we are losing our nation? Are we going to continue to sit back and watch the tyranny grow against us or instead get loud and be loyal like our Heavenly Father calls us to be to what He has given us?

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