A Proven Covid Home Treatment Cure By A World-Class American Doctor And Yes, He Is Openly Hostile To The So-Called Covid-19 “Vaccines”

This doctor is on top of it.  A smart, very talented medical doctor who is also the most published MD on the USA, published in the top medical journals and currently the leading medical instructor/director at Texas A&M University.

He is clearly hostile to the Covid-19 injections sold by Fauci/Gates/Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson/AstraZ, and states that these so-called “vaccines” are killing huge numbers of people.

He cites very specific numbers regarding “vaccine” deaths, and you can be sure that thousands of American doctors are following him very closely.  He proves the lies of the CDC and the incredible danger of these bogus Covid-19 “vaccines”.

He also states plainly that not getting these injections is the best decision.

He has a proven, highly replicated cure that is more or less an off-the-shelf process that he emphasizes you can do yourself at home.  He has a great many other doctors onboard with his program, and you can get the medical supplies you need overnight/one-day-shipping to treat yourself at home of you get sick.

And the treatment is fast, reducing symptoms and suffering from two weeks down to four days, also eliminating any spread from you to others.

Personally, I was not very interested in this video until they got 10-15 minutes into it, and then it got very interesting.  This doctor will help restore your faith that some people still have good sense, and that there are thousands of doctors in America who know exactly what is going on.

We are not alone.  You are not alone.  There are millions. 10’s of millions of Americans who know precisely what is happening.  We’re not backing down or giving up, and that includes this fine doctor in this video.  You will find his intelligence and understanding to be very encouraging, especially in light of his huge influence in the medical community nation-wide.

This man is a leader with a solution that you can use.

The Covid Vaccines Cripple Your Immune System: How Their Injections set You Up For Defeat.

We Might Be Living Through The Opening Months Of Global Tribulation-Scale Extermination



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1 year ago

” Fear creates disturbed thinking” …..what a accurate statement.

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