A Peace And A Stillness Has Crept Over Me – An Expectation Of Deliverance


It’s so close that we can feel it. 

I want to write about what is happening and I want to talk about it, so tonight I write and perhaps tomorrow I will put up an audio.  I love the spontaneity of creating podcasts, and I love the precision and elegance of writing.

Both are good for my soul.   They will be good for your soul, too, if you start doing it.  Maybe you should consider registering a URL name, then selecting a hosting company to host your site, and then building your site and writing and podcasting.  Seriously.  It’s good medicine.

Something is about to pop in this world.  Something big, bigger than anything we have ever seen or heard of, certainly in our lifetime.   It might be the removal of the Righteous, or the safety of the Sheep Pen, or the one hour allocated to the destruction of the Mystery Babylon.

I did write in August of 2021 about mid-April 2023 potentially being the time of the introduction of the anti-Christ.  It will happen during Passover in my projected intro date.  Maybe that is what is getting everyone so stirred up.

Yesterday my son, his best friend and myself were at the gym and I overheard my son’s friend say “My tic toc is blowing up with friends all saying that they know that Jesus is about to return”.  People everywhere know that something big is about to pop.  I can feel it.  Can you?  Do your hands shake just a little bit?

Here is a very brief video of a truck driver, a good and well-known friend of my brother – what this man says is true.

Taken from the earth to another place where he saw a beautiful city rising from behind some dark mountains.  Then he was sent back into his body, where he wept unconsolably.  He told my brother about the hard weeping, and my brother told me that his friend wasn’t the kind of man who cries.

A rising city shown to a common man in an out of body experience that left him sobbing.

What is coming?  Was it a city or was it a large spacecraft?  We don’t know.  What we do know is that something is coming.  Remember that I also had a powerful vision.  A vision that repeated itself three times in rapid succession, each iteration more powerful than the first, and then the voice of Yahuah telling me “I am coming to separate the Righteous from the unrighteous.”

My life has become so simple.  I work, eat, exercise, write, play with my kids, listen to music and praise Yahuah.  I no longer have any interest in the rich and deep teachings of the Words, but instead have in my mind the simple living of the plain Truth and the offer of Salvation to the lost.  I want the lost to be saved and the children to love Yahusha.

We will soon see and experience whatever Yahuah has in mind for us.  I do not think that He has our execution at the hands of the anti-Christs on his to-do list.  Remember this about my good Father – He “prefers mercy over sacrifice”.  Those are His own words.  Abba is good.

Execution would be a nice bonus, though.  To be martyred will earn the soul a greater place in heaven, and that will be worth it for sure, because moth and rust do not destroy in heaven.  What is yours in heaven is yours forever, and in heaven it is true that “more is better”.

Are you saved?  I mean, are you sure you are saved?  How would you know, exactly?  What is your measure?  What is Yahuah’s measure?  Are you sure that you know the entire scope of His requirements?  For example, who “believes in Jesus” more – you, or Satan?

Certainly it is Satan.  They used to live together in Heaven.  Yahusha, being Yahuah, created Satan.  Satan believes Yahusha is the savior of mankind.  Satan knows that Yahusha is Messiah far more than most every “believer”.  Belief then, is not nearly enough, otherwise Satan would be in heaven with you.

Even the demons cast into the pigs knew that Yahusha is the Messiah, and accused Him of coming “before the time”.  So not only does Satan believe that Yahusha is Messiah, but every demon in hell believes in Him, too.

Tell me now, what makes you any different from the wicked and the damned, who believe in the very same Creator that you believe in?

Most will say “Because my sins are forgiven”.  But they do not know what “sin” is.  Do you?  Do you know what sin is?  How can you do anything other than sin throughout your human life if you do not know what sin is?  “Sin” is a specific thing, and do you know what that is, specifically?

People say constantly that “God loves everyone”, but can you show anyone where the Holy Bible says that?

Joh 3:16  “For Elohim so loved the world that He gave His only brought-forth Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but possess everlasting life.

Well, if Satan believes in Him like you believe in Him, why doesn’t Satan go to heaven?

Please let me make this easy for you.  “Believe” means to obey His commands.  If Yahuah is your “God”, you will want to be like Him, and if you are like Him, you will do as He does.  That is “belief”.  Obedience.  Walking in the Way.  Imperfectly for sure, but forgiven.  Unlike Satan, who rebukes Yahusha as Messiah, you become a Way Walker.




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Andreas Uhrig
Andreas Uhrig
1 year ago

”and my brother told me that his friend wasn’t the kind of man who cries.” Those eyes of your brother’s friend look so kind and truthful. I earnestly want to hug him because he shares his innermost feelings with us — his listeners. Please ask your brother to greet his Texan(?) friend warmly from Franconian Bavaria, dear Jerry 🙂 The week before last, on the same morning of this horrible deadly earthquake striking Eastern Turkey and Northern Syria, during the very last seconds of dreaming I had a powerful voice speaking to me just one brief moment away from sliding awake out of my sleep at Monday morning the 6th of February: the voice spoke to me in English loud and clearly stating ”Repent and obey.” Immediately afterwards, I woke up laying in awe on my bed. Paul observed (source: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/my-foundation-for-self-reliance/repent-and-be-obedient?lang=eng) : “Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; “And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him” [Hebrews… Read more »

1 year ago

Love this, and I love where you are at, Jerry! Haven’t been on in a while, but I feel the Righteous Ones are to be at REST now, preparing in simple ways for the Savior’s return. And witnessing to the lost before we leave! Thank you for sharing about your past statement/video about this mid/ April of 2023, possibly being the announcement of the A.C. From all that the Lord has been showing me through His Word, through events and others’ prophetic insights, it feels very close at hand. God bless you, my friend!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

Thank you, Jerry! I receive that blessing, and the word “certainty” is a specific word from the Lord for me!

karla altiero
karla altiero
1 year ago

Well I just listened to Flannery OConnors book Everything that Rises must Converge. And cried.

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