A Lightweight, Compact, Affordable, Low Cost-To-Operate 9mm Personal Carbine That Folds For Travel – Mom Will Love It. Dad Will Want It. You Will Need It.


I finally found a small rifle that I can provide to my wife which she will love shooting, and which is powerful enough to be lethal at 400+ yards.  Lightweight, soft shooting, inexpensive ammo, easy to carry in your car and it folds in half!

Lots of videos and this one is what I am buying for her.  Older children can be trained on this carbine (a shorter, lightweight rifle) too, and yeah, I want one myself.


Easy to shoot accurately, this carbine will shine in a home-defense role.  It is light weight, accurate, soft shooting, and lethal.  If you are hesitant to arm yourself, don’t be.  Use common sense and prepare for people roaming the streets looking for food, clothing, gasoline, tires, etc.

Smith & Wesson FPC


A carbine like this is easy to handle, easy to carry, easy to travel in the car or truck.  Easy.  Ammunition is generally pretty low-cost.  Everyone I have seen shooting it loved it.  You will, too.

It’s made by Smith & Wesson, a great company who builds good weapons.  I own a couple of S&W products, and will soon one this one, too.

While I’m at it, you will also want some ear muffs to muffle the sound, and include a microphone and the ability to add a transmitter for using them to talk to a partner who is out of earshot.

Take a look at these…

Walker’s Razor Slim Earmuffs

Walker's Razor Slim Earmuffs

Wearing hearing protection is very important when shooting, and I recommend these Walkers Razor Slim Earmuffs.  They also have a microphone so you can talk to other people while the muff muffles the sound of tour rifle or pistol.  High quality and high tech, cheap, too.

You can also add a transceiver (a walkie-talkie device) to yours so you can communicate with a partner wearing a similar rig when you are too far from your partner to use your normal voice volume.

Walker’s Razor Walkie Talkie Handsfree Communication up to 3 Miles , Black

    • Custom Designed To Integrate Onto The Walkers Razor Muffs (Muffs Sold Separately, Will Not Work With Razor Quads)
    • Push to talk or use voice activated transmit (VOX). Which allows for hands-free communication up to 3 miles.
    • Powered by 2 (AAA) batteries included
    • 22 Willkie Talkie Attachment has 22 channels and 99 sub channels for your family and friends to join.

You will want to add this transmitter device to your headset if you plan to hunt with a team mate.  Your team mate will also need the same setup.  I own these and they are very well-made.  Plus they come with fresh Duracell batteries.

So if you are not prepared to defend yourself, I recommend these three items.  You can shoot indoors (as in at intruders in your kitchen at midnight) without blowing your ears out, and the built in microphone in the ear muffs will amplify the foot steps or other sounds that an intruder makes, helping you locate him or her faster.

The add-on walkie talkie will serve you well when your partner is set up the same way.  You can talk to each other as you hunt the bad guys, or you can call for help as you take cover, telling your partner where you are and where the bad guy is.

This is a good setup with a good carbine at a smart caliber, and good communication/ear protection equipment.

Your final component is some kind of optical device for your carbine.  Most shooters choose a rugged “red dot” , and that is a very good choice.  I run prism’s, which are a different kind of optical aiming device, but red dots are bigtime popular for a good reason.

I do not recommend a scope for this carbine.  Not necessary and not fast enough acquiring targets.  You want something quick that will allow you to place that red dot in the head or neck or lower belly/groin of your opponent and pull that trigger quickly.  Chest is also good but head/neck/groin don’t usually have armor plate defense. Scopes are not as fast to target as red-dot aiming devices.

If you are aware and if you understand God’s command that we arm ourselves, this is a very good solution for you.

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IMPORTANT - The Confirmation Link was just emailed to you when you clicked "Subscribe". Please take 20 seconds and click the confirmation link in your email, then come right back here and learn.

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